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Kalau korang masuk paper *special feature* agaknya apa korang rasa ye? Bangga ke.. malu ke.. best ke?

Rasanya depends la masuk paper sebab apa. Kalau sebab yang tak baik mestilah malu. Tapi kalau sebab yang baik punya macam menyokong Unicef dalam Stop Child Abuse Campaign tu rasanya bolehlah kot nak rasa teruja sikit kan. Bukan banyak..sikit je.. betul tak Nia? 


Blogging mums vs child abuse

Internet-savvy community raising virtual ‘hand’ to support Unicef drive

Shahrim Tamrin
Thursday, November 25th, 2010 09:48:00

KUALA LUMPUR: Rosmini Ibrahim, 36, may seem like your average working mum but she has a bigger mission in life.The accountant is leading a net-citizen movement in the Klang Valley as part of 2,000 blogger-mums taking part in United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) rallying call, “Raise your hand: Stop child abuse now!”.

“I saw Unicef’s Facebook campaign early this month and decided to support the cause. We need to stop child abuse now. It’s sad to see cases every now and then,” said the mother of a three-year-old daughter.

The blogging mum, also known as Little Mama in the Malaysian mothers blogging community, hoped to spearhead the campaign through her blog.

“Mummy bloggers share almost everything in their blogs, from parenting, breastfeeding, early childhood education, home-schooling, caring for special needs children, healthy child food and other issues.

“Every child has a right to grow up in a safe and protected environment, and I believe we can intensify the campaign drive quickly through the blogging circle,” said Rosmini, who has been blogging for the past two years.

The two-month “Get on Board” campaign launched on Oct 6, also received support from another blogging mother, Munira Mustafa Kamal, 29.

“I signed up after learning about it from other bloggers. I encouraged my readers and blog circle to spread the message through my own blog post,” said the mother of a two-year old daughter, who blogs at

She said the Unicef website provided advice and resources for both adults and young people to protect children from abuse.

“From the website, I was shocked to find out that in 2008, nearly half of child abuse offenders were parents of the victims. I cannot visualise a helpless child, who depends completely on their parents, ending up being abused by them.”

This food manufacturing executive said she wanted to create awareness among the public.

“I think a campaign like this is important as it creates awareness. I don’t think many of us realise child negligence is also considered abuse.

“Even a toddler with an untreated nappy rash can be considered as possibly having been abused. It is not just about a child being physically or sexually abused, it could also be emotional abuse or neglect,” said Munira, who started blogging last year.

Unicef representative to Malaysia Hans Olsen was pleased with the support from the Internet-savvy society which helped the body’s aim to unite thousand of Malaysians to the cause in time for Human Rights Day come Dec 10.

“We need more vocal Malaysians to spread the message in their Facebook or Twitter sites,” he said during a forum on the impact and role of the Internet and social media on child protection yesterday at Wisma UN here.

“Visitors can sign up to show their digital hand of support for the campaign and create their own unique ‘Hand’ symbol to be used as a Facebook profile picture or any other social media.”

He said child abuse can be stopped if people were empowered with the right information and community


“The online community can head to our online resource at for more.”


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