Luvable Friends Madness

I received this package delivered by Fedex yesterday. It’s from

You see, I really love the baby-say onesies from Luvable Friends. But, not all onesies with the cute sayings are available locally.

So, to satisfy myself, I bought them online – direct from the shop in United States of America. Crazy eh?

Not really. Because the shop was having a sale with discount of up to 70%. On top of that, I also got another 20% off from the discounted price!

Really cheap. But, I must also pay the shipping cost (which almost half the buying cost).

So, to reduce my import cost, I bought about 10 onesies, 2 tights and a few bibs. I must say, the discounted price is still cheap compared to buying from the local store. I’m paying 10% of the price only… that’s why I call this Luvable Friends madness.

p/s I’m addicted to online purchasing..sigh.. Must get rid of this hobby!

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  • Salam…Hi littlemama…sonotnyer tgk barang2 tuh semua…mcm berminat nak beli jugaklaa….payment dier u buat through aper? paypal ke kredit kad? and the shipment cost tuh pulak mcmana nak tahu? boleh citer sikit tak? ehehe…tq!

    little mama:
    salam..payment boleh pilih pakai credit card atau paypal..i selalu pakai paypal sebab lagi secure.. shipment tu nanti website tu akan kira masa kita check out.. selalu based on berapa berat barang yg diorder la.. dan kita ada choice nak pilih shipping biasa ke.. express fedex ke.. yg biasa murah..yg fedex mahal la sikit tapi terjamin ketibaannya..he..he

  • hi kak..saye dah order brg kat website tu tp time nak byr stuck la plak…saye dah cube register form tu kat countries semue state us mcmane ha kak?

    little mama:
    dik.. order kat website mana tu? jugak ke… kalau situ..dalam countries tu boleh select Malaysia.. kalau website lain.. ada yg tak accept international purchasing.. so tak boleh la nak order..

  • yer la… i baru 2x kali je beli online. baju x penah lagi. tak tahu lah…org kata lagi murah. entahlah…mcm x confident pulak. nak beli online yg local pun x confident, inikan pulak international.
    u citer la in detail how much it cost u pay etc
    can email me at farahfn [at] gmail [dot] com.

    little mama:
    nak beli online ni kena tgk website jugak.. i dah biasa beli so tgk je website boleh tau boleh percaya ke tidak gitu..nak detail cost..camana beli..nanti i cerita ye..

  • Hi..the luvable friends products are really adorable. Do you mind to share how much it costs you for the things that you buy? And how much is the total shipping cost?

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