Little Mama’s Diary

Greetings to all,

In less than 2 months, my little bundle of joy will arrive!

This blog is about me, my baby and my life. A some sort of life diary.

Blogging is all about passion. So, I think there is a need for me to create my own permanent blog to updates all sort of things about my life and those around me. 

I am a user and have a few blogs rambling about various topics that I love. Blogspot is indeed a very great blogging tool. But, being a free blog, there are some limitations.

I’m not going to discuss further on the pros and cons of free blogsphere. So, keep on blogging coz’ I love to read them ;).

I’m now using WordPress blogging platform for Little Mama’s Diary. Not really a big different with other kind of free blogs. Just that I own my domain name and thus have complete control on my blog. Full stop.

You see, Little Mama’s Diary will grow. I’m dedicating myself to regularly update this blog. At the same time, I’ll transfer a.k.a re-write some older posts from my previous blogs under the Flashback Zone category.

So, keep on reading.

And, hope we can become blogging buddies!

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