Little Izzah

Busy.. busy and busy. And, crazy **sigh**.

Office works are all urgent during the first week of the month. Everything must be given top priority. And, I was too tired to log on the web when I’m home at night.

Thank God. It’s almost end. At least, for now (read: August).

I was looking into the folder of baby Izzah photos (there are thousands of them!) and found this one. It was taken some weeks back when the little princess was sleeping (peacefully) in her cradle.

And, this one is taken during a car ride to visit her Ayah Long in USJ. She is so sweet, isn’t she?

Of course she is. She’s my darling baby. And, will always be mama’s sweet baby!

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  • heaven kan bila tgk baby dok lena tido….

    buat i pun nak tido…


    btw, like izzah’s smile… cute giler…

    little mama:
    yer..yer sunguh teruja tengok dia tido… my baby got two dimples kat dagu (ikut mama dia).. tu yg jadi sweet tu.. he..he

  • awwwww… cuuuute….lena jek tido…… πŸ™‚

    little mama:
    yer.. tu time lena.. kalo time nak main je.. haru biru mama nya.

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