Little Artist Loves Crayola

Oh.. I posted the entry on Mari Conteng-Conteng and mentioned that I want to buy an art easel for Izzah, right?

Well, a few days after that, I did buy one!! It was an impulse buying, but it’s really worth it.

I was not feeling well that day and asked permission to go back early. It was 11.30am so before going back I stopped at Subang Parade to eat something.

I didn’t have appetites for a few days already so I thought of eating something Western. Perhaps it could bring back my appetite.

After eating Seafood Platter at Manhattan Fish Market, I decided to check the easel at Toys’r’ Us.

There are 3 art easels but I only like the most expensive one… because the other two are not really nice lor! One is too bulky and the other is only meant for chalk drawing.

Mahal giler! RM210+ for an art easel for kid.. But, I bought it anyway because Izzah already showed great interest in drawing and maybe someday, painting? Lagi pun, the easel ni boleh tahan lama.. sampai dia sekolah rendah pun still boleh pakai ni.

The packaging was huge but I didn’t care. To my surprise, the price is only RM160 after getting a Christmas discount of RM50!! Yippie, seronoknya!

Oh, if you want to buy anything at Toys’r Us, this is the best time to do so. I think they give discounts on all toys.

Anyway, I bought this Crayola Qwikflip 2-sided 4-in-1 easel. It has Magnetic, Dry Erase, Chalkboard and Painting surfaces in one easel!


The easel quick flips 360 degrees over for a variety of draw and paint projects. I think it’s greats for 2 kids to enjoy creativity at the same time. The Crayola easel comes with 2 paint pots, 1 eraser, 77 magnetic letters & numbers.


I really love this Crayola art easel!!

Izzah also loves it so much!! Bangun pagi terus melukis! Macam-macam gaya ada…ha..ha. ha



    • ida, artis busyuk tak mandi, bangun je terus melukis.. tu yg separa bogel tu..ha..ha

  • i pun suka crayola! 🙂 mmg range dia sgt menarik!

    iman has the washable jumbo size crayon and magic color.

    aritu nampak gak crayola range kat toys r us. we all minat yg art studio (tak sure exact name apa) tu atleast boleh duduk..
    .-= dwimaya´s last blog post..On contrary.. =-.

    • dwimaya, cute kan? a ah.. art studio tu ada kerusi tapi i tak minat coz macam bulky semacam je *i choose this one sebab simple + senang simpan*

    • nadye, a ah.. 2 sided.. waaah… satu hari 1 drawing block tu kira betul2 rajin melukis nih

    • eliss, ha..ha.. budak masyam masin bangun tido excited sangat *pakai diaper sebab nak mandikan dia..tup tup nak melukis dulu..aiseh*

  • ini adalah satu benda yang insyallah saya pasti akan beli untuk adam. dan share lah dengan adik2 nanti (kalau ada adik) ehhehee.

    supaya mak dia dapat peturun ilmu melukis tu kat anak-anaknya. =P

    tp betul, i rasa benda ini memang sangat berbaloi. one way for them to express their creativity. 😉
    .-= Shila´s last blog post.."Jungle Friends" for Adam Haris =-.

    • shila, i suka ayat ‘peturun ilmu melukis kat anak2’

      i kecik dulu ada bakat drawing tapi takde galakan he..he

      yesp, worth buying this easel.. adik2 (ada la tu nanti) pun boleh guna

  • wowwwwwwww… izzah mmg minat melukis…
    thanks for d info psl diskaun tu… teringin nk beli gak utk damia…
    dpt diskaun rm50 tu menarik gak tu…
    .-= laila´s last blog post..Selamat Malam =-.

    • laila, a ah, ada discount christmas.. i think for all toys sebab nak christmas kan org beli hadiah byk

  • wah cam menarik la.. lani amirul dah ader FP doodle pro tapi..erhmmm. nanti bleh proposed en suami

  • Cute nya dia ngan gaya macam “artist” tu! Bagus…minat betul dia ye ngan drawing and painting ni 🙂

    Menarik nie…boleh di pikir-pikirkan utk membelinya 😀

    Thanks Ros!

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