Lil’ Izzah Is Going To Nursery!

Baby Izzah was born at 34 weeks and was hospitalised at day 6 due to mild jaundice and stomach infection. So, my husband was so worried to send her to a babysitter or a nursery after my maternity leave is over.

I asked him to find a good nursery (babysitter is not my choice) several weeks before I got back to work. He found a few but most of them do not achieve our expectation.

Small and crowded place, lack of staff, poorly ventilated rooms, bad hygiene and etc

Yup.. one nursery that I checked let older babies to sleep on a stained old mattress under the staircase. And, there were flies all over their delicate bodies!

Guess where they want to put my 2 months old baby? In in a small dusty room that looks more like a store (full of boxes and stuff) to me. Huh!

Time flew so fast and we didn’t have time to check other nurseries near our workplaces.

So my husband persuaded my mother-in-law to come over to our house during weekdays and took care of little Izzah. Hubby said his mom agreed to look after my baby for a few months, until she is bigger and stronger.

I was actually a bit hesitant but is left with no choice. Furthermore, mother-in-law boasted that she has babysitted so many babies and childrens when she was younger.

It has been a month now and guess what? My mother-in-law has raised a white flag! She told hubby that babysitting tires her so much. And, she doesn’t want to continue looking after my baby.

So, last weekend, me, hubby and little Izzah went to have a look at two nurseries in TTDI. These nurseries were close to our offices so it is easy to check on Izzah during lunch hour.

Both nurseries are good but we decided to choose the first one. The reasons:

  • Puan Yati, the owner is friendly and knowledgable in handling babies
  • The nursery has a quota for accepting new babies (not so crowded)
  • Very near the main road (easy access from NKVE)
  • Babies are put in the master room upstairs (well ventilated)
  • Buaian are available for babies who can’t sleep on the mattress

The cost is RM270 per month – a bit higher than the second nursery of RM250 only. But, we decided to try that place because Puan Yati said she live nearby and always be there in the morning to monitor the nursery.

And, there is no string attach in the application form.

You see, the second nursery put a clause stating that parents agree not to take action or sue them in case of any accident happens. Huh!

So, baby Izzah will stay in the nursery starting next Monday. Meaning, she will has a car ride with me so very early in the morning from Meru to Shah Alam. Hopefully she will not make a fuss while sitting in her car seat!

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  • mahal sikit pun xpe, asalkan anak kita selamat kan??

    as for ryan, mujur alhamdulillah my mil setuju jaga ryan.. well, i bpantang kat rumah dia dlm 2minggu ptama lepas bsalin, then baru balik rumah parents i..

    kira berulang alik jugak la kami dr kota kemuning ke sek18, shah alam tu… hu hu

  • hi, i’m looking also for a nursery at TTDI (near my wife’s office). could you email me the contact no. and address of Puan Yati’s place. would really appreciate it. thanks.

  • Hi,

    We will be moving to ttdi soon and are looking for a good nursery for our 1 year-old. Would really appreciate your help and recommendations.



  • hai… i’m looking for nursery for my 1-year old daughter in ttdi. any recommendations? really appreciate your help. thanks a lot.

  • hi Im looking for a nursery for my one year old child in TTDI, will really appericate it if i can get the address or contact number.


  • husna & soha, i’m really because i don’t keep the nursery’s contact no and address.. i already sent my baby to other nursery nearer to our house one year ago.

    if not mistaken, the owner of the nursery was affected by the recession and has to close her nursery and moved to somewhere else.

  • Salam…saya tgh cari nursery tuk anak sy yg baru umur 8bulan kt area ttdi sbb sy ddk kt flora damansara.. akak leh tlg bg cmne nk kontek nursery yg baik tuk jg anak sy x? plzz..sgt2 memerlukan pertolongan akak sekarang…

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