Lil’ Baby’s Stuff

I’ve have been shopping for my baby’s stuff since I was 3 months pregnant!

Yes, really.

Oh ok… some people do not encourage buying things too early for a baby in your tummy. They said, if something happen to your pregnancy (touch-wood)…. you’ll be double heart-broken to look at all the items meant for your baby.

Well, that’s what they think.

I believe buying baby’s things is part of a good planning for having a baby. Most baby products are not cheap. And, you’ll need a lot (and lots) of new things for your baby.

So, buying baby’s stuff little by little could help moderate your expenses over the few months of pregnancy until birth.

Except for some big and more costly items like baby cot, baby stroller and breast pump kit, I have prepared almost 90% of my baby’s essential items.

Let’s see what did I bought for my baby so far.

Item #1 

Cloth diapering items (flat nappy, prefolds, diaper covers, pocket diapers and diapers accessories). You see, I intend to 100% cloth diapering my lil’ baby.

No, I’m not talking about the traditional flat cotton cloth-diaper (lampin) that my mother used on me a very long time ago.

I’m talking about a modern cloth diapering! But, I’ll talk about this in details after my baby is born. There is so much to share.

Item #2

Baby’s clothing like sleep-suits, socks & mittens, binders, towels, blankets etc. Just a few pieces of newborn sizes and some 3-6 month sizes.

Item #3

Masha Allah, terujanya Mak Ayah! Ibu bapa dah lama tunggu PLATFOM SELAMAT untuk anak anak mereka tonton video, yang bebas iklan dan patuh Syariah. Kini ianya telah tiba, dibawakan khas oleh pencipta Didi & Friends dan Omar & Hana.

Durioo+ adalah alternatif Platform Video Selamat Khusus untuk Kanak Kanak Islam, BEBAS IKLAN dan semua KONTEN DITAPIS oleh ibu bapa Muslim serta mendapat KONSULTASI PAKAR seperti Ustaz Don Daniyal dan Datin Prof. Dr. Mariani untuk pastikan segala konten dan ciri Durioo+ adalah yang terbaik untuk anak anda.

Kesemua konten Durioo+ membantu memupuk akhlak mulia, nilai nilai positif dan murni, selari dengan ajaran Islam. Insyaallah. Saya juga ibu bapa seperti anda, dan kita hanya nak yang terbaik untuk anak anak kita.

Langgan Durioo+ Sekarang | Tekan Sini

Baby’s special pillow (made of breathable latex & specially moulded for baby’s delicate head) and pillow cases.

Item #4

Baby’s bedding set (matress, bolster etc)

Item #5

Breastfeeding (nursing) pillow (ahh.. this is for me!). The pillow will help me to breastfeed my baby more comfortably.

Item #6

Avent Newborn Starter Set consist of a few bottles for giving formula to baby.

Emm.. I think that’s it. Enough for me and hubby as new parents to welcome my lil’ baby into this world!

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