Let’s Go to The Zoo

We went to the Zoo Negara last weekend! Among all the tourist attractions in KL, we choosed the zoo.

Why oh why? Because both of us only once been there when we were kids. That’s ages ago…ha..ha..ha.

The last time I went to the zoo was when I was in Form One. And, all that I remember was the fish aquarium. There is no image of lion, tiger, giraffe or any other wild beast in my mind. Perhaps, we just visited the aquarium…urgh.. I can’t recall, really.

Nevermind. This time, we explore the Zoo Negara from South to North, East to West. And, we visited almost all the wild animals. Nak patah kaki mak cik berjalan…he..he..he

We never been to any other zoo so we can’t really compare. But, the Bird House in Zoo Negara is not that full of birds. I think Langkawi Bird Paradise is more exciting with birds chirping here and there.

Izzah found the animals interesting too. Especially the horse and goats at the Kids zone.

Ohh.. we got to see the Multi-Animal show too. I think the show name is rather overstated…multi-animal suppose to show plenty of different animals. But, the show only features some birds and sea lions only. Yeah.. two type of animals only.

Anyhow, the sea lion is trained really well and got talent in clapping, kissing, smiling, playing netball and of course, eating fish.

The parrot showed his skill in acrobatic. And, another white parrot is used to collect donations from those watching the show. Any person can stand-up and offer any amount from RM5 to RM10. The bird will fly to that person and pick the money for her trainer.

The weather was hot that day. And, by noon, Izzah was already tired from all the excitements and fall asleep in her stroller.

Hubby and I continued exploring the zoo. Since, Izzah was sleeping soundly with the little pink fan on, I took the opportunity to snap some piccas with the elephant and giraffes… boleh gitu?

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