Kids @MSK Gathering 14th June

I have written about the MSK Gathering on Click here to read it.

Here are more pictures during the gathering. I mean, pictures of the angel(s) of the mommies that attended the potluck.

If your baby/kid is in one of the photo and you would like to get the copies, please let me know. Just leave a comment here. Enjoy!

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potluck

MSK Potlcuk

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    • ummisalsabila, memang best! tak pe..tak pe.. next time nanti ada lagi gathering.. tu mommy lyna duk propose Family Day Out pulak.. πŸ˜€

  • hi,,,wahh bestnya…lenkali nak join la…kalo husb kite free buleh join..kalo nak drive sendiri alamak…sape lak la yg nak tengokkkan bb i.. πŸ™
    [rq=12744,0,blog][/rq]=AWAY MESSAGE=

    • bitt, lain kali jom la join.. kalau u drive letak la baby dalam carseat (cepat pegi carik carseat…he..he)

  • OMG Ros,

    All of the pictures here is FANTASTIC! U nih betul2 pro lah ..sukanya i tgk all the kiddos nih.. cute bangatt ..(after balik MSK Gath tu, we all singgah The Store PAS carik2 baju Q & guess what, my maid siap tunjukkan baju Izah kat i & said “Kak, ni baju macam Izzah pakai tadi kan …?”)

    Wallau weh .. sempat pulak ko mencapai baju tuh yer & siap ingat lagi…bagus betul nih… hehheh (i tak capai sebab diskaun 10% jer, hahaha… mata i meliar kat 50% ke atas sahaja yer ..harap maklum…hahahahah)

    ha, i really want Qarissa picture ..i dah save yg kat atas, but if i can get the original one, really appreacite it …

    tq in advance Ros…ni utk u..muahss…
    [rq=12823,0,blog][/rq]Qarissa Dengan Tangga Misteri…

    • watie, ni i tengah praktis nak jadi pro, kalau dah pro nak buat bisness kids photography..he..he..he

      mak ai.. ingat ye maid u kat baju izzah…baju tu kan i beli masa sales (buy 1 free 1).. suppose to be baju raya tapi i bagi dia pakai dulu la (ala.. raya kat kampung orang belum tengok dia pakai baju tu..he..he)

      nanti i email you ye.. dah email nanti i bagitau okey?

  • Ummm..sedih tak dapat pegi…masih tak sihat lagi on that day, dah plan dah tau…. :<
    [rq=12837,0,blog][/rq]Happy Belated 1st Birthday to Baby Hambali

    • hanz, tak pe.. tak pe.. jangan sedey ok.. next time ada lagi insyaallah… mommy lyna duk proposed Family Day Out pulak

    • isabelle… tak sempat borak2 dgn ramai mommies lain..terlebih asyik tangkap gambar..ha..ha.. next time kita borak2 ye?

  • Nak gambarrrr@!~

    I nak berkerot manjang je.. ni laa dia kes tak pernah bersosial. Sekali bawak berjalan culture shock terus heheeh@!~
    [rq=13237,0,blog][/rq]MSK Gathering (Anis Manis 1st Picnic )

    • jiji, nanti i sort gambar yg ok pastu baru email.. give me a few days.. kalo takde keje i buat cepat…he..he

      dah email nanti i cakap ye .. πŸ˜†

  • Anak I ** -correction buka ‘I nak’
    [rq=13241,0,blog][/rq]MSK Gathering (Anis Manis 1st Picnic )

  • bukan*** (buka kebendanyaaa. Arghhh!@~ damn u kibod!!!!!)
    [rq=13242,0,blog][/rq]MSK Gathering (Anis Manis 1st Picnic )

  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… ada photo pashaaaaaaaaa!!! looks more handsome gituh.. heheheh terer la aunty ni amik gambar pasha.. can mama have a copy?? πŸ˜› thanks a bunch little mama.. mmwaahh.. πŸ˜†
    [rq=13306,0,blog][/rq]gathering pertama MSK

    • hi diah, sure! nanti i select the best photos and email you in a few days ok? πŸ˜›

  • littlemama,
    balik semalam, husband duk cerita2 tentang ur camera…
    dia teringin la tu… πŸ˜›

    tapi, memang cantik gambar2 tu…
    [rq=13330,0,blog][/rq]gathering MSK

  • littlemama,i nak minta permission ni..i nak copy gambar izzah yg plg atas tu..nak tunjuk kat my hubby sbb ade iras my damia..hehe.bleh ek?bleh ek?
    .-= DiyanaΒ΄s last blog post..Damia @ studio =-.

    • diyana, silakan copy mengopy.. me pun nak mintak permission copy gambar damia.. memang sebijik la muka + rambut…err… rambut tu terutamanya…he..he

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