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I always love snapping pictures. Since I was young (now I’m still young and getting younger – perasan eh), I used to have fun time snapping pictures with my old Konica camera. Sometimes, I also borrowed my brother’s Canon.

Ahhh… the old time of films and camera. But, films were expensive those days. And, taking photos was sort of trial and error for non-professional like me. The pictures either turned great or absolutely blur (or black if over exposure…he..he).

Recently, I decided to develop my skill in photography – especially in babies and kids photography.

You see, I already own a DSLR camera that I bought almost 2 years ago. But, except for the auto-set scenes, I barely know how to use it.

And, the photography jargons were totally confusing. Apperture, ISO, focal length – what are those thingy?

I almost sign-up with an expensive photography workshop (yeah, I’m a dare-devil) when I stumbled upon PhotoMama. Brilliant ideas!

PhotoMama is the brainchild of Saiful Nang, a well-known wedding photographer who is obsessed with taking pictures of his 5 month old baby.

He decided to teach all moms to take wonderful pictures of our kids at a small cost compared to attending a photo workshop or photo camp. So, let’s all join PhotoMama. It’s free for regular member where you can access the forum.

But, lots of tutorials are only available for Premium members. The cost is only RM280 per year (RM23.33 per month). Besides video tutorials, there are PhotoClinic and gatherings too.

I missed the first gathering (20 moms attended this) but there is a PhotoClinic coming soon on 7th March! The PhotoClinic is free for premium members! Click the banner below to check this out!

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