Jaundice @ Sakit Kuning 3

I was quite worried of bringing my baby to the crowded place full with mostly sick people. That germ infested area could cause infection.

As I sat waiting on a chair, my husband brought our lil’ baby to the lab. Luckily, the lab guy was so expert in taking my baby’s blood. It was a quick procedure and my baby didn’t even cry. And, he only took a small sample (a few drops) of blood for the test.

Compared that with what the doctor at Klinik Puteri Anwar has done to my baby. She took two small tubes of my baby’s blood because she said the machine couldn’t give a reading if the amount was too little. Huh!

Anyway, lil’ baby’s bilirubin level has increased from 213 to 244.

We were asked to come again the next day for a repeat blood test. Before going back, we undressed my baby and exposed her to the morning sunlight for a few minutes. My baby appeared to be very skinny compared to the first few days after birth.

She started to regurgitate milk seconds after her feeding that midday. And, that night she regurgitated/vomitted yellowish/brownish milk through her mouth and nose!

I was so terribly worried. Furthermore, her stool has turned from yellowish green to brownish red. Was she having a diarrhoea (cirit birit)?

On 8th April 2008, we went to the Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Buloh again for the repeat blood test.

My baby’s jaundince has increased from 244 to 278! But, the nurse just asked us to come again the next day for repeat test. What? How many times do you want to poke my baby for her blood? Urgh!!

We brought my baby home. And, I noticed she was becoming more lethargic, slow to feed and not sucking as strongly as before. She rejected both my nipple and my EBM.

My lil’ baby also was also not active and was very sleepy.

We quickly brought her to Selangor Medical Center that afternoon. She has not taken her feed since morning but still regurgitated the yellowish milk from her stomach.

Turned out that she has lost weight from 2.47 to 2.06 kg. That was 13% and absolutely not normal.

Her paed, Dr Ling quickly arranged for admission to NICU for double phototheraphy session. And, put a tube through her nose to her stomach to feed her and see her tolerance.

However, I was told that my baby’s stomach still rejected the milk given through the tube. Looked like a possible intestine infection. So, Dr Ling put her on an IV drip.

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I was feeling so terrible about the infection.

You see, the jaundice can be treated by photheraphy session. But, the infection? Some antibiotics, perhaps.

Oh dear baby….

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