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The 6th day after lil’ Izzah was born (5th April 2008), our brothers and sisters were coming to our little cottage in the afternoon. They wanted to see the newborn princess.

My mother cooked some fried mee and some keropok for the guests. I was excited to show-off my lovely baby to them.

However, around 11 am, a nurse from the nearby Klinik Desa came to check on me and my baby.

She removed her cloth and then observed her face and upper torso in natural light (near the sliding door). The nurse gently pressed her finger on the baby’s cheek, release and noted the color of her skin.

It was a deep yellow. And, she said my baby was having a sign of physical jaundice. We were asked to bring the baby to any clinic for bilirubin blood test.

You see, jaundice is the result of raised level of bilirubin – a yellow pigment byproduct caused by the breaking down of red blood cells. The excessive buildup of bilirubin in the blood happens because baby’s liver is still immature and unable to clear the bilirubin fast enough in the day following birth.

My hubby quickly brought me and my baby to Klinik Puteri Anwar nearby. The doctor checked my lil’ baby and took some blood from her vein.

At first she tried poking a needle to a vein in my baby’s little hand. And, pressed the hand to get some blood in a small tube.

But, the doctor seemed not so expert in doing that. So, she poked another needle to my baby’s heel. My baby was crying and kicking like crazy. And, I was getting a headache seeing my baby like that.

Because my baby was crying non-stop, the doctor inserted her gloved finger in my baby’s mouth!

She was not supposed to do that!!!

She then give my baby some water through picagary. And, also advised us to give the little baby lots of water to reduce the jaundice. Hah?

But the nurses at Hospital Sungai Buloh were against giving water to newborn babies. Breastmilk has all the nutritions that my baby needs, they said.

At 3 pm, the doctor called us and told that the bilirubin level was 296. And, that was considered very high. She referred my baby to Hospital Sungai Buloh.

My husband was very disturbed and quickly asked me to get all the things ready for admission into the hospital (ah.. again?).

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