Izzah has an Adik!

Izzah got an adik already. Oops!

Nope. It’s not what you’re thinking. I’m not pregnant. Not even close to being pregnant… ha..ha..ha

We went to Toys’r Us in Subang Parade yesterday to get an adik for Izzah. Her adik is very pretty and has such a sweet voice.

She can babble and blow bubbles. And, she has 5-in-1 carrier that be transformed into feeding chair, rocking cradle, baby carrier, travel bag and front pack.


That Baby Alive is Izzah’s new adik. Izzah loves her adik so much that she let her adik to sleep with her in the cot.

Toys’r Us is having a great sale for it’s Star Card member with discount up to 70% on selected toys!

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  • Tomei-lah adik Izzah, he, he…wish i have a girl too, tengok your lil girl main doll macam best jer!

  • miya pun ada adik, dia sendiri namakan Lilia. its a lamaze cuddle doll. slalu aje dia sayang & manjakan lilia. even once dia letak lilia dlm my pouch sling & kepoh2 bwk lilia round satu rumah. tp ada satu aje dia tak suka, lilia tak boleh share menyusu dgn mama dia. susu mama utk miya aje. πŸ˜†

  • alaa sweetnya..hubby tak suka belikan patung cengginih for my dear baby..hukss..so nuha juz ada zebra, hyppo,duck, fish dan bear jer..hihi..semua binatang πŸ˜› so x kan ada adik tidak real laa πŸ˜›

  • eliss, dolly tu boleh keluar suara sweet.. ada bunyi sebijik yg macam izzah selalu buat.. tu yg hubby terpikat terus beli tu…he..hee

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