Izzah Drinks by Herself!

Izzah was born prematured with significant weight-loss during the first few months (due to jaundice and stomach infection). Because of that experience, I was reluctant to let her hold her bottle during feeding times.

She can hold a bottle using both her hand since she was like 3 to 4 months. But, I didn’t let her as she tend to play with the bottle and not finishing the milk. I was afraid she would not gain weight in par with her age.

So, I literally forced her to feed.Β  I mean, I discouraged her from holding the bottle by pushing her little fingers away. She would try again to grab the bottle but I told her to finish drinking. No playing during feeding.

Since then, she didn’t bother to touch the bottle. So, mission accomplished.

Another reason why I don’t let her hold the bottle is because I didn’t want the baby-sitter at the nursery to just give her to drink by herself. And, then ignore her.

I want them to hold and feed her like I did. It is dangerous to let small babies drinking without supervision. It can even cause death.

Sometimes, I got the feeling that I what I did was wrong. I should have let her to feed by herself. She needs to learn to be independent. Especially, when the baby sitter told that this baby and that baby can hold the bottle on their own.

But, then. I don’t give a da*n. She will learn and do that voluntarily when the times come.

And, I was right!

She can feed herself, safely at 13 months. No more choking hazard as she can now cough to clear her throat, can throw the bottle (far far away) when she is full and can get the teat back in her mouth when she wants more.


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  • wow, u must be proud of izzah…

    whatever ur feeling is totally normal for new mom, we just over worried about everything. i once came home finding my kid sleeping with a bottle in her mouth, I was pretty d**m furious about it and I almost go beserk over my in-laws.

    then when i took away the bottle, with it upside down..i realize that the susu tak menitis pun…felt so relieved. i guess i did a good choice to be using avent bottle with no1 teat. the bottled was designed to not come out if there is not strong suckle. with that, anak wont have any risk of choking on milk. then later we changed to breastflow bottle (by 1st years-learning curve), it was also as good as avent. not a single drop when there is no sucking from baby.

    so my advice to moms who are having phobia’s of ur baby’s bottlefeeding while away from u, get these kinds of bottles πŸ˜‰

    anyway, i’m in the process of weaning my girl from bottle/breast to cup…having tough time coz she prefer breast over bottle, and bottle over cup. πŸ™„

  • mamamiya, thanks… bukan senang jadi mak budsak ni kan… macam2 nak fikir

    ibuarifa.. izzah mmg pandai (puji anak sendiri..he..he)

    pop and ice… thank you!

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