I Want My Baby Back!

This morning, I only managed to express 85 ml of milk for my baby.

Argh! I’m getting tired of expressing. My spirit is getting down. I felt so helpless.

I miss my baby!!! I want my baby back!!!

I’m concern that exclusive use of breastpump with no direct breastfeeding will results in my milk “drying up”. You see, nothing is as efficient as a baby’s suck.

Last night, my hubby went to see our baby at SMC. They still hasn’t move her out of the incubator to the normal cot. And, they still put on the IV drip and the tube on her. What?!

Huh! This means that today I still cannot go there to breastfeed her.

I don’t understand why they are so slow in doing things. Why they want to keep her there as long as possible? Because they can charge us more?

This separation is killing me!

How am I suppose to bond with my baby like this??

Oh God, please help me.

  • Please expedite the recovery of my baby.
  • Please let the doctor speed up the treatments.
  • Please give my baby back.

Received this SMS from a colleague.

SM: Hi wak. Sihat tak? Baby dah ok ke?

Me: Saya sihat. Baby dah ok tapi dr masih tak bagi balik. Dah lebih seminggu kat smc tu. Bosan betul. Mak saya pun dah balik kg.

SM: La baby lum balik ke? Mak awak pun dah balik. Sapa jaga awak?

Me: Yer. Lembap la dr tu. Kesian baby saya. Susu dah banyak tapi tak dpt bagi direct. Kena pam antar sana. Saya sorang2 jaga diri sendiri.

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SM: SMC memang bodoh wak. Kalu bole try tukar ke sjmc or sunway better.

Uhh.. change hospital? I just want my baby back.

Nothing much to do today.

I switched on the television and picked on channel 8. Hot f.m was live on air.

It was fun to see Farah Fauzana & Faizal teasing Faizal Tahir (the singer). Super Faizal is making a come-back after 3 months on ban for stripping off his shirt on stage.

Ironed all my pregnancy blouses and pants. My tummy is still bulging so the blouses and pants are going to be used for next couple of weeks.

It has been two weeks since my operation, so the incision wound has dried and healed.

But, I’m waiting for another week before I start using the binder (bengkung).

The big giraffe clock showed 1.15 pm.

Eh! My hubby is back. He wants to get the frozen EBM and give to the nurses at SMC.

My baby milk intake has increased to 25 ml per feed!

And, they have put her into a normal cot. Alhamdulillah.

Okay honey baby, mama will continue expressing my milk for you after lunch. Wouldn’t it be better if I can breastfeed you direct sayang?

So, please get well asap!

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