I need. I want.

We live in Meru, Klang. So, shopping-wise, I have to forget about Mid Valley, SOGO, KLCC, etc. Even IKEA and The Curve seems so far!

And, with the little princess tailing behind, those exotic fantastic places are surely out of reach. At least for the time being.. ha..ha..ha.

But then, I’m not a shopaholic gal. Also not a fashion or branded items victim.

Seriously, I don’t like wasting spending my precious time (and hard-earned money) at the big malls. I only buy what I need. Rarely have an impulse buying.

I can afford things. But, I choose to spend on what we really need. Not, on what I want.

There is a big different between a need and a want. Huge different.

When you need something, you’ll plan to get it. You’ll save for it. But, when you want something. You’ll want that instantly. No money? Just swipe your credit card.

In the end, there is a huge oustanding bills. And, severe headache.

I also don’t have that much energy to walk around a big shopping mall? Not even in a 4″ heels wedges comfy sandal.

I salute those who can shop-walking for hours in a 4″ stilettos! That prove women are a powerful creature, am I right?

So, where do we go for shopping. And, having some fun? The nearest is Jusco Bukit Raja. And the farthest, One Utama.

Call us pathethic. I don’t care.

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  • kak..nk shopping online kt kedai saya pn boleh.hehehehe…saye pn dh jarang shopping2 kt mall ni..

    little mama::
    ada online shop ye… best ni.. tak yah sakit kaki pegi shopping mall..

  • I heart you Izzah’s mommy….
    Will all the worries in the world…why wud u want financial worries…

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