Huggalugs, Wet Bag & Envirosax

I love buying online. It’s so convenient and you can get stuff that usually not widely available in the non-online shop. Here are my recent online purchase.

Huggalugs – leg and arm huggers. Love it!

These super funky huggers will keep my baby’s legs and arms covered in style. The same product is used on both the arms and the legs.


A pretty accessory to put on with onesies or skirts. And, work great to protect the baby’s knees when she starts to crawl.

Here are some pictures of baby wearing Huggalugs taken from

Wahmies Wet Bag – comes in tons of fun print.

I use the wet bag to keep soiled cloth diaper during an outing. It has cute outer print with inner layer of PUL waterproof fabric. The bag closed with a zipper to keep smells where they belong.

This wet bag is not just for cloth diapers. It’s also great for wet swimming suits, lunches, toiletries… anything you can imagine.

I also use a wet bag to keep bottle feeding items in my diaper bag. Really love it!

Envirosax – reusable shopping bag.

I love these groovy shopping bags. It is lightweight, foldable and waterproof. And comes with many fun designs!

I bought two bags, each from the Mikado series and Retro Graphic series.

More information at

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  • Luv legging much the Huggalugs? Have one for my baby..Baby legs brand.

    little mama:
    I like BabyLegs brand too – but do not have one yet. The market price is RM48.50 each but I bought those four at RM37 each during a sale. Quite pricey since it’s imported from Australia.

  • We use Tuckerbags reusable grocery bags – fun designs and extra pockets for those small items when shopping. Tuckerbags also has a recycle program for those over-loved shopping bags which is great.

  • Salam,

    ermmm I am wondering the babylegs is just the tight rite?Just to note that, I havent heard of this brand since I stay in Australia. Please let me know where can i get it?anyway, huggalugs,babylegs are just one of the tight rite?here, there’s a lot of tight from various of brand name we can get.


    little mama:
    salam to u too… babylegs/huggalugs are a kind of tight only better.. because baby can wear both on legs and arms (can’t put tights on arms as it is sewn together).. i’m not sure about babylegs but huggalugs is from Australia.. you can check the website in my previous post

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