How to Make a Tutu

It’s so very easy! No hard sewing or glueing needed. Some simple stiching is still needed to join the elastic.

If you have a little girl, you should consider trying this little fun project. It’s sure a happy thing to see your baby girl looks pretty much like a princess wearing a tutu made by you…yeha!

Just look at my girl in a hand-made tutu by myself. Cantik kan? Ha..ha..ha.. masuk bakul angkat sendiri…

Here’s how you can do it too. First, you need to get some tulle cloth. Any color that you like!

The size for Izzah’s tutu (standard for two year old).

  • Waist 18″
  • Length 14″

Step 1:

Cut the elastic according to the waist measurement. In this example, 18 inches. Then, do a simple stich to join both end.

Step 2:

Measure the length you would like the tutu tulle (the light-weight fine netting fabric you will use) and when cutting your tulle stripes – double that length. So, if you need it to be about 14 inches long, cut 28 inch strips in the colors you like. (Example colors: Pink and White).

Step 3:

Put the elastic around something stable. For example, a chair back rest or in my case, a push car handle…ha..ha.

Then tie the tulle around your elastic. (Be sure to stay consistent when tying each strip of tulle). Like this red ribbon going around the elastic. Then,  tie it tight.

Tie on as many tulle strips as you wish. Just do not tie them too tight first since this may stretch out the elastic and will make it harder to fix later. Once you have tied on all of the tulle strips and they are positioned just how you like them, then tighten them up.

If you want to make a prettier tutu, you can add some embelishment like ribbons, flower or buttons.

I added some ribbons and small flowers for Izzah’s tutu. Walla!

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