How to CURE Diaper Rashes & Eczema

Having a baby means you need to handle diaper rashes and skin eczema. No matter how good the disposable diaper or cotton cloth – rashes will come and go as it wish.

Especially if you send your baby to a baby sitter or a nursery. The baby sitters might not be changing the diapers immediately after the baby poo or pee.

Eventhough you’re cloth diapering your baby, rashes are still likely to happen. Less chances than disposable, but still a big risk if not change immediately or not cleaning it properly.

I have been using many types of diaper rashes cream. Most of it are not effective in curing diaper rashes. Thus, absolutely not a cure for eczema…

But, I finally found a great cream that cure rashes in a day! And, this miracle cream is also effective in treating skin eczema. If you’re having problem curing your little ones diaper rashes or skin eczema, please get this Elomet Cream (Mometasone Furoate) manufactured by Schering-Plough.

It works like magic! Just rub a small portion during diaper change and it will heal the rashes in one or two days.

Elomet Cream also works wonder for skin eczema. I remember Izzah alway have eczema on her fingers/toes and faces during the time she was taken care by a nursery in TTDI Jaya. Sebab nurseri tu tak jaga kebersihan – lantai tak mop, pastu biar baby merangkak bawah meja berabuk…ish.

No cream prescribed by doctors could cure the eczema. But, Elomet Cream prescribed by her paed really works!!

So, now I no longer worry if she started to get a light diaper rash or eczema. I only need to apply the Elomet Cream and it will be gone the next morning.

Something that works is usually not cheap. So, does this Elomet Cream.

  • RM25 for a small tube of 5gm
  • RM45 for a small tube of 15gm
  • RM100 for a big tube of 50gm

I think you all need to get one tube as a standby. Please check with a clinic near you whether they have this cream in their stock.

Anyway, after the rashes cured, I advised you to always put a diaper barrier cream during every diaper change.

I highly recommend Angel Baby Bottom Balm by Earth Mama Angel Baby. It is a first-aid-in-a-jar for the whole family. Because it can be used for avoiding diaper rashes as well as for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and more.

I have been using this since Izzah was born. Love it!


  • huda just guna tepung ubi jer if nk cure Amirul nya diaper rashes. from newborn until now (18months) mmg xpnh guna cream lain..tepung ubi jer.. murah n senang 😀

  • anak2 I gune bepanthen tapi drapolene xde effect langsung.. bepanthen tu letak skali the next changing diaper dah nmpak effect dah.. very gooood.. sumpah x tipu.. hheeh .. tp I rase produk ni ikut budak jugak kan.. ade orang ok pakai produk ni tapi bile kite pakai produk yang smae x bape jalan gak…

    psst lame dah x tinggal jejak ni 🙂 😳
    .-= Mama Marina´s last blog post..The Night Me Inspired by Gugu Gaga Erra =-.

    • mama marina, memang ikut budak la kot.. tapi mak budak kena cuba macam2 dulu baru jumpa produk serasi dengan kulit montot baby yang gebu dan mulus tu..ha..ha

  • Elomet memang bagus! It helps with Hanafi’s Eczema last time. But, minimum the quantity coz it can influence the hormone (his PAED informed me this)

    Another thing that works for Eczema is having bath & use OILATUM soap bar. Very moisturising…
    .-= Hanz´s last blog post..Mom’s Choice Breastfeeding Campaign Contest (STICKY MODE) =-.

    • hanz, agreed tu… any cream pun have affect to the blood because can be absorb by the skin.. so have to apply sparingly..

      jangan la anak ruam sikit pegi letak setengah tube..ha..ha

      oilatum ye, will check it out!

  • darwisy jarang kena ruam sekarang ni, dulu2 selalu juga terutamanya ruam peluh.. pakai krim biasa je..

    tapi, macam berkenan lah dengan EMAB tu.. nak try cari lah.. sebab kesian tengok darwisy selalu kena gigit nyamuk.. kadang2 kena garu sampai melecet… huhu
    .-= sya´s last blog post..malas sekolah =-.

  • I have been using drapolene.. sesuai untuk abang2 punye rashes
    Tepung ubi utk Sarah.. murah dan praktikal.. buat macam bedak la bubuh kat punggungnya..kalau kene rashes pun kekadang sebab lambat tukar diapers sebab tak tahu dia poo poo..
    Oilatum pun bagus untuk eczema.. pernah guna

    Tapi macam nak cuba Angel Baby Bottom Balm by Earth Mama Angel Baby. dan thanks for sharing about elomet nie…
    .-= nadnye´s last blog post..Minggu yang sibuk…. Kenapa Malaysia ini milik orang melayu? =-.

  • i suffer from Eczema and what i do is just take as much vitamins A, C and E supplements plus some topical corticosteroid to remedy the itch.

  • elomet contains quite high steroid and it is not advised for babies..itu yg my skin specialist told me baby had eczema since 2mos..quite bad..

    normally i try to avoid any cream yg ada klo tak jalan bila guna organic cream, sbb my bb ni eczema dia kdg2 teruk sgt. i use hydrocort given by her pernah eczema dia terlalu teruk sampai hydrocort tak jalan, masa tu baru doc bagi elomet.have pakai sket jer.bile dah kurang trus stop n apply hydrocort.pas hilang stop lah.elomet i pernah pakai 2 kali jer setakat ni.

    as we know, cream yg ada steroid ni boleh nipiskan kulit and masuk ke dalam darah. sbb tu baby tak sesuai.kecuali kalau terpaksa sgt.

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