How I Use A Prefold Cloth Diaper

When I was pregnant, I planned to use prefolds on my baby during the two-month confinement period. The reasons being:

  • newborn baby poo and pee almost every hour or so, and need to be change frequently
  • prefolds are the cheapest type of modern cloth diaper (one dozen cost about RM90 only), perfect for newborn

However, things didn’t go as planned. Engulfed with giving birth at 34 weeks, through an emergency c-section and the post-operation trauma, I totally forgot about CD-ing my baby (note: CD stands for cloth diaper).

I only started CD-ing little Izzah after the confinement period. But, I only use prefolds ocassionally as I like pocket diapers more. So, I’m going to let go @ sell half of the prefolds that I have (will write in another post).

You see, the start-up cost of using cloth diaper is not cheap. So, if you’re interested in trying out CD-ing your baby, it’s a good idea to buy second-hands first. If you like it, then you can begin building your cloth diaper stash.

So, let’s see how to use a prefold (my style). Basically, I’ll need:

  • a prefold
  • fleece liner (for a stay-dry feeling)
  • diaper cover
  • diaper pins or Snappi fastener (optional)

First, take the prefold and line it with a micro-fleece liner. Fleece liner (washable & reusable) can keep the baby’s bottom dry.

Then, secure the prefold with a diaper pin or Snappi fastener. Below, I used a Snappi.

Put the diaper cover underneath the prefold. And, secure it with the velcro closure.

If you use a wrap-style diaper cover, then you don’t need a pin or fastener.


  • Salam, I am just excited to read you blog..hopefeully, not to late to congrats for having a baby. Hey, just wondering you still using traditional nappies?anyway, good tips for the mums out there who still want to use this kinda method…

    little mama:
    w’salam.. hi lindah! thanks for stopping by..nope..I’m not using the traditional nappies.. looks like it but actually it is one of the modern version of cloth diaper.. traditionally we use the kain lampin (flat & thin cotton/muslin).. but this one is called “prefolds” – which is already folded & much thicker than lampin, that can hold pee for a longer period.

    And, I also use fleece liner that works wonderfully to keep baby bottom dry. By the way, prefolds on my baby can last for 2-3 hours (hold 2-4 pees) compared to traditional nappy of only 15 minutes-1 hour.

  • hi littlemama… i love readig ur blog esp about CD.
    I’m planning to CDing on my 3rd baby which is due in 10 wks time insyaAllah.
    u seem like enjoying using prefolds on Izzah when she’s smaller… i luurvveee the colorful covers, they’re sooo adorable. Which covers do use mostly?? Bummis ehh??
    i’m now own few pocket diapers, actually as trials on my 2 elder kids, but they are either too big for the CD or too comfortable with DD and refused the CD.
    So now i plan to buy some prefolds and covers… any tips or recommendation which are good???

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