High Fever 40’C

Baby Izzah got a sudden fever last Friday. Not just a fever. But, a really high fever.

The day-care called my hubby about 2.30pm. And, he immediately called my HP.

“Mama, cepat pergi ambik baby. Dia demam!”

I drove like an F1 racer to the day-care. The little princess was not as happy as usual. Her head and body were burning hot.

So, I rushed to a nearby clinic. Her temperature was 39’C and climbing. The doctor said, it could be 40’C plus (Izzah was wriggling when he was taking her temperature at the armpit).

She was immediately given the rectal paracetamol. I soaked a small towel and put on her forehead. And, the poor little girl slept all the way home.

Within an hour, she recovered!

Actively playing and smiling again. She even drank her milk within minutes. Thank God.

But, her temperature rose again that night. 39.3’c.

Up and down. 38’c. 37’c 38’c again.

And, vomitting all her milk out.

Her body was still hot by morning. So, I take off her socks and pant. And, bring her out to play in the sun.

She was happy and sweating. And, the fever is gone for good.


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