Her First Hari Raya

This year’s Hari Raya could have been so boring. But, with my little princess celebrating her first ever Hari Raya with us, even the most mundane day becomes much (much) more exciting!

You see, this is the third year in a row that I couldn’t ‘balik kampung’ to the East Coast to celebrate Hari Raya with my mom (dad passed away a year ago) and my 6 siblings with their families.

2006 – I was on a three month trainings in Singapore and was allowed to take the 1st and 2nd day to celebrate. But, need to fly back to Singapore on the third raya.

2007 – I was two months pregnant and was medically advised not to take a long journey (it took 8-10 hours car ride to get to my kampung)

2008 – I was only allowed to take the 1st and 2nd day leave for hari Raya. And, back to work on the third raya because early of the month is the closing of accounts time (furthermore, it’s year-end-closing in my company).

So, imagine how sad my mom was . It took a few calls to make her understand. Also, a strong promise to ‘balik kampung’ during Hari Raya Haji in December. Phew…

And, last weekend, to cover back our lost moments, we went ‘berhari raya’ to our siblings houses in Temerloh, Keramat, Rawang, USJ and Salak Tinggi.

Let’s see, where the little princess went.

Saturday – two hours journey to Temerloh, Pahang to her Pak Su’s house (my youngest brother-in-law). We have our lunch there (the usual rice with sambal udang, fried cabbage and fried chicken). Yum!

Then, we drove back to KL and visited her Pak Alang’s place in Keramat. There, we ate the typical nasi himpit with rendang ayam kampung (I loike!).

In the afternoon, we went to Kak Zaini’s house (my husband’s cousin) at Jalan Kedah, Bangsar.

Kak Zaini is the cook for Istana Kedah which is located at Bukit Persekutuan, Bangsar. And, her house is just below the palace. We need to drive into the palace gate and passed the majestic palace to get to her house located at the hill below.

The Istana Kedah is actually the ‘istana hinggap’ for the royalties of Kedah. Only during the cousin’s open house, we are allowed to pass through the palace gate. I only managed to snap the picture below – the palace is in the background.

Here, we have laksa kedah, bihun soto and some traditional kuihs. Oww.. my stomach was so very full!

Sunday – we brought Izzah to her Ayah Teh’s house in Rawang. Here, we ate nasi dagang which my brother claimed he cooked after learning the recipe from my mom. It tasted yummylicious, bro!

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Then, my brother follow us to my eldest brother in USJ9 (baby Izzah’s ayah long). Here, we have laksa penang and home-made dodol from my sister-in-law kampung in Raub. The dodol tasted so good.

In the afternoon, we went to my younger sister’s house in Salak Tinggi. My sister cooked mi kari which is so very delicious. Can I order from you, sis? He..he..he

Izzah @Salak Tinggi

We arrived home at 4pm that Sunday. Left with so very little energy, the three of us ‘pengsan’ til’ 6pm.

Izzah - Napping

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  • huh… ittew cute baby x cranky ke???

    wah… sgt bagus….

    i pun ala2 x brp best beraya thn nie, sbb 1st syawal kat umah in law (he he.. leh pakai ke alasan nie??)

    little mama/em>:
    cranky sikit2 je..tu pun sebab ngantuk…
    kalo raya rumah inlaw memang tersangat la tak besh.. alasan disokong 100%

  • akak…raya ke salak tinggi ke?dkt dah umah sy tu.hehe….sakan berjalan ek walaupon beraya 2 ari je.hehe.bestnye..raya sy tahun ni bosan..;p

    little mama:
    ey? salak tinggi ye.. kalo ku tahu sudah ku serang rumah mu..he..he

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