Help! House Under Attack!

Our house is under attack! Not by aliens or unwelcomed visitors. But, by ants. Lot’s of them!

There are red ants, black ants and macam-macam ants. Oh my.. having a house on the ground in a kampung is definitely not without any bad consequences. Especially, when we decided not to have a pest control before we moved in.

Mosquitoes are another issue. But, this ants problem is making me angry. Besides making home on our little piece of land (our house is semi-d with tanah sekangkang kera), the ants are building their sweet little castle in the house.

I mean everywhere in the house – kitchen, bath room and living room.

I was still ok living with them but when they started to attack the cabinet meant for Izzah’s milk preparation – I almost exploded.

There are ants in the bottle Steriliser, on the bottle drying rack, on theΒ electric thermos… urh everywhere… And, they even have the guts “terjun tiruk” in the water meant for Izzah.

Dah banyak kali bancuh susu tengok ada semut mati… bukan satu tapi berekor-ekor… kadang2 tak nampak terbagi Izzah minum susu + semut itu.. ish!

Erh.. is it okay to accidentally drink water mixed with ants? I thought Malay believe that will affect the brain in a way – jadi tak pandai? Oh… tidak le….

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  • Cuba tabur serbuk untuk semut kat tempat2 yg semut suka tu..but be careful-lah jangan Izzah termasuk mulut…ada jual kat hardware store & some grocery store

  • hanz, dah tabur dah serbuk putih tu… memang dia mati bergelimpangan tapi yg survive pi serang tempat lain pulak… nak kena panggil pest control tanam ubat kot..

  • salam Ros

    kakyong baru jumpa ur blog ni.. hahahah.. tak perasan sblm ni..
    rumah daku pun byk semut.. memang sgt sakit jiwa.. la ni gula2, milo, seme simpan dlm freeze… tp kdg2 kat bekas air masak pun depa merayau… πŸ˜• 😎

  • kakyong, ho..ho… agaknya tuan rumah sweet sangay sebab tu la semut sukerrr πŸ˜€

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