Flashback: Hari Raya Haji

We went back to my kampung in the East Coast last Saturday. It was raining all day!

The journey lasted for 12 hours. Yes… twelve back-breaking hours.

The heavy rain made almost everyone drove carefully (so damn-slow, urgh…). And, extremely slow-moving lorries on the one lane road made it even worst.

Because of the rain, I have to forgot my wish to stop by the sea.

We started our journey at 7am from Meru, Klang. And, reach Jerteh at 8pm.

But, all the tiredness was gone in seconds. Because, I was ‘home’ again!

I mean, that is the place where I grown up. And, it has been a while… argh.. I’m getting emotional… sehhh.

Hari Raya Haji was fun despite the ocassional rain.

My elder sister and her big family of 10 were back from Sabah. I haven’t met her since the last two years.

I really missed you, sis. And, my lovely nieces and nephews.

They all have grown up!

Let’s sum up our activities during Hari Raya Haji.

For Raya’s morning feast, my sister and her team (ha..ha..ha) prepared and cooked chicken satay, nasi himpit and kuah kacang. I was the food tester…he..he..he. My auntie next door sent us a big bowl of nasi dagang with gulai ayam kampung. It was so very delicious! The taste still linger in my taste bud.. yes, really!

My sister gave us the girls and ladies with home-made bling-bling (crystal bracelets). She made it herself. And, they were all so pretty and exclusive. I bet this is her new hobby while staying in Sabah.

Izzah got two bling-blings and I only got one. But, I managed to persuade my niece to gave one of hers to me…so I also got two… he..he..he.. 

Masha Allah, terujanya Mak Ayah! Ibu bapa dah lama tunggu PLATFOM SELAMAT untuk anak anak mereka tonton video, yang bebas iklan dan patuh Syariah. Kini ianya telah tiba, dibawakan khas oleh pencipta Didi & Friends dan Omar & Hana.

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Izzah is the baby of the day! My nephews and nieces like to play and baby sit her while I shower, pray, eat and napping… naughty mama.

The little princess wore her football shoe with her gown. It’s stunning!

Izzah borrowed her cousin’s green kopiah. And, posed for pictures while the cousin watched. Drooling.

Aqiqah for Izzah was done together with korban. So, we ate lots and lots of meat.

hari raya haji 08

We drove back to KL on Tuesday. This time, we took the Gua Musang route. And, the day is beautiful. Not even a drop of rain.

Izzah was seated in the car-seat while mama acted as a ‘big mem’ and slept at the back. Oh.. heaven! 

And, we reached home in 6 hours.

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  • salam mama izzah 🙂

    comel la kasut bola adidas izzah 😛
    mane eh beli sbb sy cari2 x penah jumpa design camtu pon kat butik adidas?

    tq 😀

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