Flashback: Birth Story III

The operation room have lights that were so bright. And, it was extremely cold! My whole body was shaken violently due to the cold air-conditioned room.

There were so many people in the operation room (nurses and three specialist doctors). I remember one young Chinese lady doctor who was so bubbly and friendly. And, one young Malay guy surgeon who was rather handsome…ha ha ha!

They asked me to extend both hands for administering blood, IV, general anasthesia, oxytoxin etc.

The Chinese surgeon put on oxygen mask and asked me to breath in and out. The Malay doctor informed me that they want to start the operation and gave the general anasthesia (one big picagari of white fluid injected through blood vein of my right hand).

And, I passed out after just three seconds!

The operation lasted for 3 hours.

Around, 11.00am, I woke up when the Malay guy doctor said “Bangun, sudah siap!”

My head feel so giddy that I uncontrollably shaked my head violently. I felt the cold again but heard the Malay doctor asked the nurses to warm me up. They put a kind of pink heatable blanket on me.

The Chinese doctor have a look at my incision and said “Tengok, kerja siapa ni”. I saw her unstripped the plaster, sprayed something and put it on again.

I said “ouch!” and saw her smiled.

Then I heard one nurse said “Baby apa ye? Ooh, girl”. So, it is a girl!!


Seconds later, I saw an empty oxytoxin bag and second pint of blood. I could feel pain at my incision. I was then,

  •  moved from operation room bed to trolley bed (felt pain at incision)
  • moved from trolley bed to another trolley bed
  •  moved from trolley bed to ward 6B bed (no 15 – in front of nurses counter)

My head still feel so giddy but I was so happy to see my hubby by my side!

They gave me morphine injection pain-killer once in 4 hours. No food and liquid intake was allowed for 6 hours after operation. My throat felt so dry!

My lil’ baby was born @ 9.21 am on 31st March 2008 at 34 weeks gestational age. Her apgar scor was 7/9 and weight 2.47 kg. She is such a strong, active, healthy and happy baby.

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The doctor who performed the operation was Dr Khairul Safwati bt Muda of Hospital Sungai Buloh. Thanks doc!!

Throughout the birthing of my baby, I stayed calm and relax. This must be due to the HypnoBirthing breathing and relaxation techniques that I have been practising since 17 weeks of pregnancy.

Having taken HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method classes gave me a confidence to go through the birthing of my baby. Eventhough it was not a normal, drug-free birth, my baby is still a happy HypnoBirthing baby!!

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  • how nak stay calm ek?tengah pikir…tenang je…wah!sungguh zen!

    saya tak pergi pun antenatal class..(kes terlepas..huhu)…byk bace je la…nak buat tak reti la…how leh to stay calm and serene while tgh contraction?kang i jadi macam indian lady yg u citer tu “ayoyoyo….amma…ayoyo!”…hahaha

    p/s::u practise hynobirthing since 17 weeks pregnant..ok,ini fakta menakutkan saya,pasal saya tade buat latih tubi apa2 pun!!wah takutnyessss!

    little mama:
    If you know how your body works during labor and how to breath correctly during contraction & birthing, you can stay calm through labor. Actually I pun tak pegi antenatal class – tak perlu coz I dah pegi Hypnobirthing class. Lagipun, antenatal class tu told u things yg u not supposed to know @ buat you makin takut ada la..

    at what weeks are u now? i suggest u to check http://hypnobirthing.com.my/ to learn a bit about Hypnobirthing. Kalau tak silap Wai Han ada buat next class in middle June. Kelas ni bagus. Yg paling i suka dia tunjuk videos real life mothers giving birth using Hypnobirthing techniques. Yes really! Nampak camaner baby keluar dari #tut# ibunya..he..he.. Husband i pun teruja tengok..

    and kalau u tak sempat pegi class, at least pegi cari buku Hypnobirthing the Mongan Method kat mana2 kedai buku.. Baca so at least you have an idea.. especially the breathing techniques that absolutely very useful to calm u during pregnancy and birth.

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