Flashback: Birth Story II

There were 6 beds in the emergency ward section. And, each of the patient was also hooked on EFM. Urgh.. the EFM were producing a lot of noises (babies heartbeats and other sounds from the mothers’ tummies).

Pregnant mothers were in and out during the 12 hours period. While I was there, I noticed:

  1. A middle-aged Malay lady was in great pain due to strong uterus contractions. However, she controlled herself from screaming, just sighing. The doctor did a vaginal exam and her cervic opened 5 cm. she was immediately pushed to the labor room.
  2. A young Malay lady admitted in emergency room due to water leaking but no contraction at all. Vaginal exam showed cervic not open yet at week 37. That was her first pregnancy too.
  3.  An Indian lady just next to my bed was in great pain due to strong contractions. However, her cervic just opened 1 cm, with no progress after 8 hours. She was screaming “ayo, ama..ama..oooh” throughout the night. I couldn’t really sleep because of her moaning noise.
  4. A Malay young lady aged 18 and was at 28 weeks of pregnancy. She couldn’t pass urine and was in great pain. She was crying and screaming like crazy for her mommy. The doctor put her on catherer and pushed her to the labor room immediately. I believed there were going to induce her.
  5. A Chinese lady who just gave birth through c-section was admitted due to strong pain at her incision after day 3. I heard the doctor said it could be caused by her appendic not the incision wound.
  6. A few others pregnant ladies who were at ease and cool despite all the chaos in the emergency room!

One thing that I noticed while in the emergency room was, if you don’t want the nurses or doctors to do frequent vaginal examination (VE) on you (which is so uncomfortable and scary), you just need to control your pain. Don’t scream or tell the nurses that the pain is too much for you to bear.

A specialist gynae was called to check on me. He only arrived at 11 pm and quickly scanned my tummy. Turned out that I was still having that Plancenta Previa Major stage II. Most of my placenta was on the right side but still covering my cervic. So, normal vaginal birth was out of consideration.

Our Lil’ Bundle of Joy

The doctor talked about trying to postpone my birthing for another week. But, after checking my amniotic fluid again with a spetulum, he immediately ordered an emergency cesarean section at 8 am the next morning.

I was allowed to have a light drink at midnight but from 4 am the next day (31st March 2008), I was asked to fast again for the operation. I soaked seven Sofy Bodyfit 35cm pads that night!

On 31st March 2008 morning, a Malay lady surgeon came to scan my baby status.

She said my water bag ruptured on the left side with my baby lying in transverse position (melintang). She noticed my amniotic fluid was not much left due to the heavy leaking.

The surgeon asked my hubby to come in and explained that they’ll perform an emergency c-section at 8 am. And, will give general anasthesia due to the placenta previa major which may cause me major bleeding (tumpah darah). 3 pints of blood were already reserved for my operation.

And, she said that since my amniotic fluid was already too little, it could be quite hard for her to take the baby out. I stayed calm but my husband looked disturbed. Later (post-operation) he told me that he was almost crying when the doctor told the possible problems of my operation. Oh honey!

I was prepared for the operation. The nurse put me on catherer so that I didn’t have to get up to pass urine. She also shaved some of my bikini line hairs. I was hooked on an IV drip again, And, was changed to an operation room’s white gown.

Then, I was asked to moved myself to a trolley bed three times.

  • from emergency room bed to trolley bed
  • from trolley bed to operation room trolley bed
  • from operation room trolley bed to operation room bed

I remember seeing my hubby waving bye-bye to me as he was not allowed to be with me during the operation.

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  • i like reading ur post!
    this time boleh x i rasa emo baca ur entry. bergenang air mata i. huhu. mengingatkan i abt my experience kena c-sect dulu.
    banyak pengorbanan kan nak jadi mommy ni…
    nway, i was lady no.2. bezanya i’m not that young (huhu) and no water leakage but blood presence instead.

    little mama: ye la.. susah nak jadi mommy ni kan..

  • congrats ya! comel sungguh baby ya..anyway i baru terjumpa ur blog ni..u mention about vaginal examination tu teringat masa nak bersalin dulu betapa susahnya dr nak buat ve kat i…haha..nurse kena pegang kaki kiri kanan sebab susah sgt..hihihi

    little mama: thanks supermummy! bila ingat balik time nak bersalin rasa cam kelakar pun ada..he..he. anyway, you have a nice blog too.. suka baca especially pasal poo poo tu..he..he

  • Hi there. Blog hopping.
    When i read that u had a premature baby, terus gi visit your blog.

    I too had a preterm baby. Dulu-dulu i thot i had a premature baby. Then everytime i said i had a premature baby, most will say ” ohh i heard that premature baby slalu skait-sakit”. Then after hearing that, i bosan giler, i did some reseach on the net. Rupanya my baby who was born tepat tepat masa 34 weeks is a preterm baby. He was 2.1 kg. Really small. I didn’t even bathe him for the first 2 weeks. Takut.So fragile.

    Alhamdullilah, he is now 8 months old, healthy baby, just like any full term baby.

    So glad that i found your blog, boleh la kita share our experience raising a preterm baby.

    little mama: 34 weeks sama like my baby lor. Tu la semua ingat my baby premature so mesti sakit2 sebab itu tak matang ini tak matang… but my baby is strong, healthy & active.. kicking memanjang.. macam dah cukup bulan je… preterm dgn premature tak sama yer.. sure sure.. sama2 kita sharing2 experience ye

  • Preterm is for baby born masa 34 -38 weeks.
    Premature. anytime from as early as 3 months – 34 weeks.

    Alhamdullilah ur baby is healthy. Tulaa, i always bersyukur, thank to God that my boy is as healthy as any normal baby. But masa a day before the emergency c-sec tuu i was told that there is a high possibilit the my boy have to go under ICU. Takut giler masa tuu.

    little mama:
    Alhamdulillah, baby sihat walafiat. Masa lahir tak de komplikasi. Cuma masa 1st week je kena jaundice + stomach infection. Jaundice tu biasa .. infection tu salah kita org la.. pergi bagi dia minum susu kambing nak treat sakit kuning konon.. Nasib baik dah sembuh…Now ni minum susu kuat betul… he..he

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