Flashback: Birth Story I

I took a one day annual leave on 28th March 2008 (Friday) due to a strong feeling to have a good rest before checking into Hospital Sungai Buloh on 31st March.

You see, due to low level of hemoglobin (red blood cell counts) and Placenta Previa Major Stage II (uri di bawah), I was scheduled to be warded after my 34th week of pregnancy. This is critical for monitoring me and my baby as I could have a premature labor or a major bleeding.

That Friday, I took the opportunity to pose for some pregnancy pictures. I realised I don’t have any pregnancy pictures taken to show to my lil’ baby!

So, using a tripod and both my Olympus digital cameras (DSLR E-500 and compact u725 SW), I took a few pictures of myself. I was my own photographer. Yes, really!

If not mistaken, I was already leaking my amniotic fluid (air ketuban) that day. However, the amount was so little and it was a clear water, making me thinking that I couldn’t control my urine.

You see, since early pregnancy I wore panty liners due to lots of vaginal discharge. In the beginning, I used the panty liners purchased at the local store. Then, I changed to cloth panty liners that I bought from an online store.

Wearing those cloth mini pads made me easy to monitor the discharge.

That night, the clear water discharge was more frequent and it soaked a panty liner each time. I changed 6 cloth panty liners in 8 hours.

On 30th March 2008 (Sunday), I was feeling restless. And, began to suspect that the water discharge was actually my amniotic fluid leaking. Especially, when the discharge that day contains some traces of greenish substances.

Was is meconium?

At 2 pm, my hubby came back and bought Kentucky Fried Chicken. Turned out that was my last KFC before my baby was born. We quickly ate the chicken and my favorite cheezy wedges before going to the hospital.

The amniotic fluid leaking was getting heavier that I need to wear a thick pad (Sofy Body Fit 35cm). The pad soaked in minutes!

I was admitted into the emergency labor ward of Hospital Sungai Buloh immediately.

The doctor on duty used a spetulum that was inserted into my vagina to check the water discharge. I was indeed leaking the amniotic fluid with traces of meconium.

That means, I was at risk of these complications:

  1. infection – baby could swallow the amniotic fluid with meconium (the reasoning behind why a mother is ‘on the clock’ to birth within 12 to 24 hours when the water bag releases naturally)
  2. fetal distress (rapid head compression when the water no longer provide a cushion)

I was ordered to fast for 4 hours and was hooked to an IV drip containing magnesium sulphate to ensure that I remain hydrated.

And, I was also belted for the mandatory 20-minute strip on the external fetal monitor (EFM) so that my baby’s heart rate can be monitored. The EFM kept me in bed, making me felt so uncomfortable. My baby was kicking and moving aggressively as if she didn’t like her privacy been invaded.

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Anyway, the seismograph produced by the EFM showed my lil’ baby’s heartbeat was normal (not in distress).

I was given two steroid injections in 4 hours interval on both sides of my butt to help maturing the baby’s lung. And, two doses of antibiotic injections to fight the possible infection.

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