Flash Flood & Faulty Aircond

Whoa! I got busy this whole week with office works (answering tons of email, financial reports and meetings). Finally, it’s time to vent off my thoughts….

The first week of the month is always the busiest time of my life. It’s time to close the accounts (those who works in accounts/finance department would surely know how it feel like… hectic like hell.. he..he).

But eh.. this week is already the third week. So, why am I still busy like a bee?

Wanna know why? It’s because I was absent from work for 4 days last week!

On Tuesday, I got caught in a flash flood at the Setia Alam exit to Shah Alam due to extremely heavy rain early in the morning. I was on the way to work (with baby Izzah as a passenger) that morning but the exit was closed. Me and other motorists were forced to take the exit to Klang. Oh gosh, I’m not familiar with Klang area!

Plus, baby Izzah started to cry. And cry some more.

Luckily, there is a Petronas station after the toll. I stopped and breastfeeded her to stop the crying. Then, me called hubby to come and show the way back home through Klang town.  And, I was on emergency leave (EL) that day.

I caught cold and cough that day. Plus, got major itchy ‘gegata’ all over my body. The next day, I was on medical leave.

On Thursday (10th July), I was on leave (already applied few weeks before) to see baby Izzah’s paed for vaccination. My baby has gained weight from 3.60kg to 4.47kg . Go girl!

My cough was getting worst so I took MC again on Friday. So, imagine the piles of work (and emails) waiting for me when I was back in office last Monday. Crazy!

The faulty aircond? Oh yeah.. it happened yesterday. I picked up my baby at the nursery in the afternoon and goodness me, the car aircond didn’t work!

No cold air come out from the aircond vent. And, baby Izzah was sweating and crying like crazy. Opening the window didn’t help as the day itself was so hot.

So, today I’m on EL again. Sigh.

Hubby took the car to fix the aircond. Turned out the compressor is damaged. And, it cost about RM2,000 to fix it. Huwaaaaa!!!

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