Dymo Letra Tag – Must Have!

If your’re working from home while taking care of the baby at the same time, it pays to be organised.

Keeping all things where they should and nicely label them will not only make your life easier, but also easier to other people arounds you (read: especially your hubby…ha..ha).

I remember coming back from home (Izzah was sicked and hubby was taking care of her). And, found all the 4-tier drawer storage of Izzah’s clothing were wide opened.

Why? Because hubby didn’t know which drawer for which type of clothing. You see, I keep kain lampin in one drawer, towels and blankets in another, pretty clothes, socks, bibs and hankies in a drawer and sleeping shirts in another.

So, he just opened it all just to find a pair of sleeping shirt for Izzah. And, not bothering to close it again..hu..hu

It would not happen if I properly label each drawer, isn’t it?


Well, manual labeling with pen on a masking tape would do just fine. Printing the label and use a transparent adhesive type works great too.

But, if you want to do your labeling job easily and fun – just get a Dymo Letra Tag. This labeling machine is compatible with fabric iron-on tape – enabling you to easily identify sports equipment, children’s clothing and other fabric by simply printing, peeling and ironing on the label.

It’s so easy to use with simple keyboards, easy loading and ergonomic “in-the-palm-of-your-hand” fit. Here are some details about Dymo Letra Tag.

  • QWERTY keyboard for faster input.
  • Preview Screen.
  • 5 character sizes
  • 13 character display.
  • 2 line printing.
  • Built-in memory saves last label.
  • Direct-thermal print technology saves you money – no ribbons, ink or toner cartridges needed.

Ideal for people on the run!

p/s I bought mine for RM89 at Tesco. The package came with a free paper tape. But, you can buy the optional clear plastic or iron-on tapes. Yes, you can even label your baby’s clothing!

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