Down with Chickenpox

Bad news.

Me and little Izzah wouldn’t be able to attend Qarissa’s birthday party (Saturday, 27th) and Sarakids Open Day (Sunday, 28th).

Izzah is down with mild chickenpox. The blisters are on her knees, fingers, toes and palms.


She already had her Chickenpox vaccine like a month ago. I guess this could be the side-effect of the vaccine, or she get infected from any one of the kids at the nursery.

It’s just a mild one, with not many blisters. No fever and the blisters are drying up already. But, she is not sleeping well at night.

We’re not sending her to the nursery or bring her to public places for a few days, just to be safe.

I googled this anyway.

Seventy-nine percent of children between age 12 months and 12 years develop immunity to the disease after one dose of vaccine. For older children and adults, an average of 78% develop immunity after one dose and 99% develop immunity after the recommended two doses.

Although some vaccinated children (about 2%) will still get chickenpox, they generally will have a much milder form of the disease, with fewer blisters (typically fewer than 50), lower fever, and a more rapid recovery.

The vaccine almost always prevents against severe disease. Getting chickenpox vaccine is much safer than getting chickenpox disease.

So, no ‘kambing panggang’ for us!

To Rania Qarissa – Happy Birthday!!

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  • Both of my kids got the chickenpox, at the same time, which helped a little. But it was summer and I had to keep them inside, but we’d already infected the neighborhood – or they infected us! Who knows!

    I glad that Izzah has a light case and that she is sleeping and feeling better soon!

    • mama emma, memang sungguh tak best.. btw izzah dah baik dah.. ari tu 1st day kena lembik tak hingat.. ni dah back to normal.. blister pun dah kering.

  • ohhh…get well soon little izzah! Both my kids pun kena sekali. First kakak then adik. They both recovered within a week. Tapi siap pantang tak boleh makan kicap la, then my mom siap bg mandi air daun semambu tak silap. Siap mintak daun tu kat Tok Sami yang jaga kuil Hindu dekat rumah i, coz pokok tu banyak dan sihat sangat kat situ. Hehehe 😆
    .-= Real Woman´s last blog post..Respect. =-.

  • Kak Ros, bawak jumpa paed. takot HFMD je.. Kalo nak cari paed. yg bagus. KLinik Adek. Seksyen 9. S.Alam. Dia mmg check throughly. Tak mahal pon. Im in love with the doctor already.

    • jiji, doktor kata bukan HFMD (kalo HFMD ada byk ulcer dalam mulut sampai budak tak nak makan, pastu dia kata maybe bukan chickenpox pun.. maybe alergik..

      Klinik Adek ye.. next time kami pegi sana. Thanks for the info!

  • hmm, kitorang pun tak dapat pergi birthday party qarissa.
    darwisy muntah2 start dari semalam.. risau pulak kalau dia muntah2 kat party tu nanti.. sian orang tak lalu makan… 😛

    harap izzah cepat sembuh ye… 🙂
    .-= sya´s last blog post..reproduction =-.

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