Do Baby Really Needs a Pacifier?

Pacifier. Puting.

PacifierBoth are the same thing. The thing that most mommies put in babies’ mouth to comfort them. To shut the little mouth up…he..he..he

But, do a baby really needs a pacifier?

I think not really lor. Because Izzah survived her baby-hood without one. She is almost a toddler now. Yes, I have a pacifier ready before she was born. It’s part of the Avent Newborn Kit. Kecik je puting tu, bukan besar godang macam gambar sebelah ni ye…he..he

I only used it once right after she was put under my care a day after the surgery. I was desperately wanted to sleep. So, I put the pacifier in her mouth so that she will not cry when I sleep. Bad mommy, I know.

I have so many small nieces and nephews years ago. And, always heard the mommy complained about the pacifier tantrums. I mean when the pacifier is lost or the mommy forgot to bring it when traveling…havoc you see…ha..ha..ha

So, when I was pregnant, I told myself NOT to give a pacifier to my baby.ย I never offer Izzah a pacifier after we went home from the hospital.ย  So, I believe whether baby need a pacifier or not, depends on the mommy!

If you give a pacifier since the early days, then she will need one during her growing up years. Else, you’re free of pacifier like me (mak-mak yang bagi puting kat anak, jangan marah aa..)..

I read somewhere that pacifiers are OK, so long as you get rid of them at around age 3.


But then, is it easy to get rid of something that’s being giving comfort to your baby since 3 years ago? Probably not…

You need to gently persuade them, trick them, put something untasty (like salt) on it or even lie to them, saying things like,

puting doraemon dah curi!”

puting tak mau kawan dengan adik lagi..”

puting atuk pinjam!”

Do you know that pacifiers also can make teeth crooked? You should always take the pacifier out of your baby’s mouth once they fall asleep, to minimize the amount of time spent with it.

Also, never give a baby milk and then a pacifier. You should give the baby a little bit of water between the milk and pacifier to rinse off the gums. Otherwise, it’s the same as letting your baby suck on a bottle for hours, and the baby can get baby bottle syndrome (horrible rotten teeth).

If your baby uses a pacifier, perhaps you can get a funny pacifier like these? Muahhaa..ha..!

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Ohh.. I believe most of you also have watched “The Pacifier”? It’s a funny movie that I love to watch again and again!


* Gambar semua dari Google Image..hiks!

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  • my nuha hates pacifier so much ๐Ÿ™ orang cakap senang sket nak buat keja kalo dier hisap puting kan..saya cuba2 dari awal2 dier lahir tapi dier pandai luahkan balik ๐Ÿ˜› macam mana tu? hahaha FYI, my hubby and I never used pacifiers masa kecik2 dulu..genetik kot erk ๐Ÿ˜€
    [rq=16844,0,blog][/rq]Nuha tidolahhh…

    • eliss, genetik tu! he..he..he.. actually, depends on baby la kan, ada yang suka, ada yang tak..

      yg part “senang sket nak buat keje kalau baby hisap puting” tu..i selalu di “hasut” oleh hubby dan MIL supaya bagi puting masa izzah meragam.. but i stayed firmed and said

      lebih baik bagi tet*k kita dari bagi puting.. dapat gak zatnya..

  • Satu isu yg menarik littlemama kerana me pening nak menghentikan tabiat ni on my baby… I against pacifier as pro-breastfeed will know the reason why..1st son, alhamdulillah, x pernah pun but 2nd son, sebab desperate…masa dia umur 3-4 months asyik melekap jer malam2, i x tahan tu yg bagi tu…kami bagi masa nak tidur jer but lately ni since dah pandai sumbat kat mulut sendiri, puting tu boleh dikatakan selalu ada kat mulut…
    [rq=16915,0,blog][/rq]STICKY MODE : CCC #1st GIVEAWAY – A Perfect 1st Birthday Gift for Hambali

    • hanz, setiap baby tu unik. I pernah baca pasal “melekap kat tet*k” je tu dipanggil comfort sucking. Baby treat tet*k kita mcm pacifier la..

      ada caranya untuk break the comfort sucking sebelum dia becomes a “need”… iaitu tak dapat suck tet*k/pacifier takleh tido atau crying memanjang.

      contohnya, alih your tet*k from their mouth before fully asleep..atau tido-kan dia atas dada kita sampai dia lena.. lain2 cara orang yg teror dlm bab breastfeeding ni mesti tau la..

      • comfirm sucking tu i la…. ryan kalau xdpt nenen i, sure xleh tido.. tp time mlm je.. kalau siang boleh pulak… huhu
        [rq=22434,0,blog][/rq]-CAMNO EK?-

  • I have 3 kids. 1 with paci (Mastura. Dia ni menyusu sungguh kuat sekali. Dah minum pun nak lagi) + 2 without paci. Nak benti tak susah pun sebenarnya. Bila dia dah pandai berfikir kita terangkan betulยฒ why she shouldn’t ‘gonggong’ her paci. InsyaAllah she’ll accept our explanation. What I did to Mastura was I left the paci at home when we went back to our hometown. At night when she wanted to sleep, I told her that I left the paci and explained that our house is far away. I diverted her attention of wanting her paci with other stories until she fell asleep.

    Paci ke tidak, kita kena anggap anakยฒ kita ni unik dan kena tangani mereka dengan cara yang berbeza.

    • sueallen, agreed! kids ni unik.. my sister did the same trick by leaving the pacifier at home.. menangis tak hingat anak buah i tu sampai tertido sebab penat..he..he.. last2 dapat gak pacifier-free after a week.

  • hehehe i pon suke cite tu…

    ismeth masa dia 2-4 bulan dia nak la pakai pacifier, i started to gave him coz dia tak boleh tido, asik menagis..mcm2 i try pujuk dia then atok dia suh kasi pacifier lepas dpt tu trus senyap n senang nak tido…

    after 5month dia leh tido tanpa pacifier..then dia suke memain jek…buat semburan dari jarak jauh la..hahaha

    nowdays, dah tak pakai coz dia tak isap pon..dia gigit2 pastu dia campak2 jek…hehehe i tak penah train dia used pacifier,dulu lepas dah lena tido i cabut…

    i think bb2 yg need pacifier for their comfort jek…some always need bantal busuk, some comfort with mummy nip…hehehe for me mummy sendiri main peranan b4 jadi habit..anak2 takk bersalah ok…hehehe
    [rq=16869,0,blog][/rq]=AWAY MESSAGE=

    • bitt, you did the correct thing iaitu mencabut pacifier lepas dia tido.. so baby takde la lama sangat hisap pacifier kan.. maybe sebab tu dia tak suka sgt paci tu.

      talking about comfort ni, i notice izzah suka pegang kain masa nak tido (usually kain lampin atau hankie)…dia tak hisap just pegang close under her chin.. perhaps sebab dah biasa rasa “sedap” i lapik kain tu bawah dagu masa bagi dia minum susu..he..he

      again, mommy punya peranan la ni kan?

    • suealeen, bagus tu! mommy2 yg nak berentikan habit puting ni boleh tanya sualeen lebih lanjut ye.

  • i was thinking about the same thing on my baby SN. since i stay with him 24-7, baby SN asyik nak bergayut 24jam kat mommy’s nenen sampai takleh wat kerja lain. kadang2 bukan nyusu pon tapi dia nak gigit puting mommy lama2. so, i was thinking whether or not to give him a pacifier MIL suggest suruh bg..but still I x sure coz tu lah..tkut gigi jongang plus susah nk lepas nanti….huhuhu…looks like i kena bertahan jerlah dgn gigitan dia sampailah i dh wat keputusan nanti
    [rq=16953,0,blog][/rq]Baby SN 1st check-up

    • yatie, i tau apa yang u rasa! comfort sucking sangat memenatkan.. letih tu.. raso mache zombi doh…he..he.. dah la tet*k sakit..

      izzah dulu ada gak seminggu mcm tu (she was around 1 month old)..kejap2 nak tet*k.. lepas tu i alihkan perhatian dia to something dodoi sambil menyanyi ala-ala siti nurhaliza, make funny faces (agah), make funny sounds, put her in the cot with colorful hanging toys, azan (yes, dia sangat menghormati azan sampai sekarang – dia akan stop apa yg dia buat bila azan berbunyi), dan macam-macam la…

      few days later, tak de lagi melekap

  • Salam Perkenalaan.

    Yup agreed. Not all babies need pacifiers. My two lil princesses do not need them..:) I did tries but they 100% reject the idea, so thats it. NO pacifier
    [rq=17024,0,blog][/rq]::CONTEST AKSI MENARIK ::

  • hi salam kenal…
    actually masa Alisha lahir memang tak nak bagi puting…
    tapi start bagi puting sebab dia memang akan mengamuk bila nak tido…so I have no choice… terpaksa bagi puting jugak, hu hu hu…but Alisha is intelligent baby coz kalau dia dah tido nyenyak dia akan buang puting dia sendiri…

    • mummy alisha, salam kenal to u too!

      waah! pandainya alisha.. buang sendiri puting which is good! kalau dia tak buang better u yg cabut from her tiny mouth ye..

  • Macam anak teruna saya, Imran, zaman paci nya berakhir masa dia asyik gigit paci kesayangan dia tu. Saya cakap kat dia, “ini puting yang last. lepas ni kalau koyak lagi mama tak belikan lagi tau.”

    then, satu hari, koyaklah paci itu.

    saya tunjuk kat dia paci yang koyak rabak macam hape tu. saya cakap, “ha tengok puting ni dah koyak dah. dah tak boleh guna. kalau guna dah tak best. pastu nanti lidah imran luka. sakit.”

    dan itulah hari terakhir imran bersama putingnya. hihi.
    [rq=17164,0,blog][/rq]Sakit Kaki

    • zety, he..he.. mesti comel je imran punya expression masa u tunjuk paci yg koyak tu..

      bagus idea u tu.. siapa2 nak cuba teknik zety ni silalah.. tapi make sure anak dah boleh fikir dan faham apa kita ckp.. tak leh main paksa-paksa tau…hiks!

  • I try jugak kasi kat anis.. menjerit jerit dia. geram pon ada. Kalo kasi breast haaa peace with the world terus!!
    [rq=17252,0,blog][/rq]Bag untuk ke Nursery: What to pack?

    • jiji, anis manis dah associate your tet*k with comfort so dia rasa puting memang tak best compare to your tet*k tu..he..he

      ye la, puting kan dibuat dari getah or silicone, mana nak sama dgn tet*k yg hangat serta yummy tu..

  • my 5mths old zarif memang tak boleh dipisahkan dr pacifier dia. Mungkin dah diajar dr kecik agaknya. Asal nak tidur mesti nak pacifier. Oh ya mana nak cari pacifier yang gigi besar tu? Funny la!

    • real woman, zarif dah terbiasa tu.. tapi kalau umur 5 months masih boleh cuba buang that habit tu..

      mcm izzah dgn buai la (off topic, cerita pasal buai tapi mesej sama pasal habit)

      dia start pakai buai umur 3 bulan masa MIL jaga (hubby belikan buai elektrik tu u).. beberapa bulan gak berbuai.. then i decided no more buai.. no good.. susah nak kemana2 la..

      i start bagi dia tido dalam cot… mula2 tu kena dodoi dulu dah tido baru letak.. few days later dah boleh tido sendiri.. takde dodoi2 dah… boleh pun kan? dan buai tu saya dah jual..he..he

      • oo..pacifier gigi bunny tu.. cuba search internet.. tak de kot jual kat malaysia ni… memang funny kan?

  • hi little mama.. pasha jg bukan bayi pacifier… jadi tidak susah kalau mau travel kemana2 tidk bergantung pada sebuah “benda”… comfort yg di peroleh 100% dari kedua orang tuanya.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ selamat berjuang mama..
    [rq=18009,0,blog][/rq]26 months Pasha..

  • Mmmm..samalah kita Ros, Qarissa pun tak suka pacifier ..tapi i nih kalau boleh nak bg gak ..ahahha..9tak baik aku nih kan ..) sebab setiap kali dia merengek, nenenku jadi sasaran ..24 hours a day berkhidmat, smtimes we need a break…

    i belikan puting dr yang murah 2 hengget lebih sampai yg paling mahal pernah i beli dalam 20 hengget kot, dari yg kuning, ke putih, ke kuning balik…hmmm..hampassss… satu pun dia takmo …buang duit jer ..

    now dia gunakan that puting untuk gigit2 bila gusi dia gatal, tukar2 ngan teether ..tapi jarang jugak la .. dia suka luahkan i dah malas nak cuba ..bagus jugak sebenarnya kan .. heheh…

    bantak busuk pun Q takder ..ketiak busuk mak dia juga menjadi idaman kalbu! hahhaaa

    • watie, he..he.. qarissa kan genius.. mesti tau beza yg mana bagus.. nenen ke.. puting? mesti la nenen!

      patutla genius… rupanya ambik aura ketiak busuk mak dia.. ha..ha..ha

  • saya dulu tak mahu bagi puting kat Ziyyad,pasal masa saya baby,maid kasik puting,mulo muncong sampai la ni

    tapi masa Ziyyad masih baby sangat,dia selalu bergantung kat breast nak tidur,bukan hisap t*t*k pun…kalau saya cabut puting breast dari mulut dia,dia bangun…

    masukkan bali puting breast,dia tidor balik

    itu pasal samapi sekarang dia pakai pacifier

    bersebab la mungkin parens pakai pacifier ni,bukan suka-suka letak aje

    p/s::Engku Aleesha pun mama dia kasi puting..hahahah

    p/p/s:: anak Erra :))

    • dila, eh..muncung mulut dila sebab pacifier ke? ingatkan semulajadi seksi…he..hee

      yes, most mommies yg bagi pacifier ada bersebab..biasanya sebab anak asyik melekap je kat tet*k.. memang la penat mak kalau camni 24hours.. i know sebab i pun pernah rasa..rasa macam zombi tak cukup tido..

      tapi kan.. kalau kita belajar pasal breasfeeding before give birth or get help from lactation consultant mcm Rita Rahayu ( mesti dapat tahu camana nak break the comfort sucking ni kan… pro-breasfeeding mom kan usually against pacifier betul tak… so mesti ada caranya tu ๐Ÿ˜›

      p/s tak semestinya anak artis hisap puting anak kita pun kena hisap sama… jangan marah aaa…. lariiiiii!!!

  • Anak2 I semua I bagi pacifier huu huu! Masa Amsyar dulu..hmm I dah lupa lah sebabnye..? Izzo – sebab dia SELALU sgt nak nenen, kes melekap lah ni. So by the time he was 5 days old I gave up and bought one for him! Amsyar & Izzo dua2 I mula wean off start umur 2 tahun. Dlm sebulan kot baru betul2 free. Tapi bebudak dua org ni, lepas je setahun..bukan nak satu paci tapi DUA. One in the mouth, one gentel in the hand..LOL!

    Armand wean off just after he was 1yo. Ntah mcmana I buat I pun lupa. A bit like cold-turkey lah.

    Zuleyka – hmmmm she’s still on paci. Nanti2 lah I wean off. Tapi dia tak berapa “bergantung” kat paci mcm abang2 dia. Mlm2 bangun, sumbat paci pun dia taknak, nak nenen jugak ๐Ÿ™‚
    [rq=34094,0,blog][/rq]Gardening…at NIGHT??

    • millie, waaah… dua paci tu mak! zuleyka tu rasa nenen lagi best la dari paci.. betul tak zeleyka?

  • My dotter memang tak suka pacifier tu since lahir lagi. Adala penah try nak kasi, konon2 nak tgk dia hisap ke tak.. Memang dia luahkan balik. saya dengan hubby memang tak nak kasi pacifier kat Khayra. Bila dia luahkan balik tu rasa happy sangat. Baru-baru ni pun penah try, nak tgk Khayra suka ke tak, still dia luahkan balik. good girl… ๐Ÿ˜€
    [rq=35975,0,blog][/rq]~ UPDATE ~

    • ummikhayra, baby dah tak nak tak perlu la nak try bagi2 dia lagi…he..he

  • saya pon ready belikan puting even before baby lahir, tp sib baik diorang memang tak nak isap.. saje standby takut baby meragam…

    but this time i wont make the same mistake again, meragam atau tak, mmg tak nak bg puting… hehehe

    mmg kekadang tu nampak cute, tp sure susah nak stop the habit, plus the dental issues..
    [rq=41579,0,blog][/rq]still waiting…

    • scudmami, betul betul betul! kalau boleh jangan ajar bergantung pada puting la..he..he

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