Day 22 & HypnoBirthing

Baby Izzah had a good sleep last night. She didn’t cry but I noticed her trying to get her hands free from the swaddle so many times.

I woke up at 2.30 am and 5.30 am and breasfeeded her. And, eventhough she was sleeping, she took my offer and sucked vigorously. Go girl!

I know she is having a substantial feed because I can hear her swallowing the milk. And, she also passes a lot of that bright yellow breastfeeding stool.

You see, adequate stool output is a good sign of sufficient nutrition. So, let’s celebrate swallowing and stooling!

This morning, my baby feed on demand. It was every half an hour or so! Is my baby having a growth spurt? Yes, most likely!

I sms-ed Chiew Yee, a participant of the same HypnoBirthing classes that I attended.

Guess what? She also gave birth on the same day as mine! And, her baby is also a girl.

Chiew Yee gave birth vaginally at Hospital Serdang. Her birth plan was accepted and she gave birth so easily on the hospital bed, not in labor room!

According to her, the contractions were painful but she ignored the pains and continued sleeping, until her water broke. Her baby was born 10 minutes later. That’s the power of HypnoBirthing!

Soo Wai Han, a certified HypnoBirthing instructor called and congratulated me on the birth of my baby. She said it was a miracle for a premature baby born at 34 weeks with no birth complication at all.

Wai Han was surprised (all of us do), that my baby’s birth weight was 2.47 kg. She said the baby is already “cooked” that’s why she was ready to come out from the womb.

I believe the iron and vitamin supplements that I religiously consumed, as well as healthy food eaten during pregnancy contributed a major share to her healthy birth weight at 34 weeks.

My baby is indeed a happy HypnoBirthing baby thanks to the HypnoBirthing breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques that I practised during my pregnancy. The Rainbow Relaxation CD was also very relaxing to listen.

By the way, if you’re pregnant, I strongly suggest you to attend the HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method classes held by Wai Han.

The HypnoBirthing classes really opened our eyes (me and hubby) about a natural approach to a safe, easier and more comfortable birthing. And, how to have a happy pregnancy and ultimately a happy birthing for both you and your baby.

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Kesemua konten Durioo+ membantu memupuk akhlak mulia, nilai nilai positif dan murni, selari dengan ajaran Islam. Insyaallah. Saya juga ibu bapa seperti anda, dan kita hanya nak yang terbaik untuk anak anak kita.

Langgan Durioo+ Sekarang | Tekan Sini

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Wai Han is the first certified HypnoBirthing instructor in Malaysia. And, she was taught personally about HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method by Marie Mongan, the founder of HypnoBirthing Institute in United States of America.

She also practised what she is teaching! Infact, both her babies are HypnoBirthing babies. And, the second baby was born naturally at home, alone with no drugs, no medical intervention and no pain at all thanks to HypnoBirthing!

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  • Hi there, was wondering if u would like to let go the Hypnobirthing book & CD? I’m keen to self study as I can’t afford the course fee. 🙁

  • Hi Kak,

    Saya baru join hypnobirthing class Mdm Soo Wai Han last week.
    My hometown is Shah Alam.
    Jadi saya nak tanya kot2 akak tau hospital mane area shah alam or berdekatan yg supportive of hypnobirthing ya?


    Warmest regards
    .-= Nazarulniza´s last blog post..windunyee nak swim… =-.

    • nazarulniza, my friend tu dapat support buat hypnobirthing kat Hospital Serdang… birth plan dia Ketua Jabatan yang sain, so nurse2 dan doktor2 follow je… actually dia bersalin pun kat wad menunggu + doktor pun tak buat vaginal exam sebab dia tak tunjuk yg dia sakit (dia amalkan the breathing tecnique every time contraction).

      actually u kena berani submit birth plan tu kat doktor.. i think hospital swasta should be more open to hypnobirthing.

      • betul2..
        sbb kalo tak, nnti die ingat kite tak confident plak
        anyway, thanks kak
        mmg ade plan bersalin kat private hosp insyaAllah
        wish me luck ya in convincing the doc

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