Darling Dora

I went to Jusco the other day, and have fun browsing through the toys section. Epsecially, the place where Barbie and Dora stuff were been displayed.

I was looking for a pencil case for Izzah. Since she likes playing with my pencil case, so I thought it would be good for her to have her own.

Hmmm…. Barbie or Darling Dora?

I don’t like Barbie because she is a bimbo… ha..ha..So, I bought some Dora stuff (pencil case, coins box, tumbler with straw, cup).

Dora has two icon – one Dora the Explorer, another Darling Dora which is a dainty version of Dora the Explorer. You see, Dora the Explorer wears shirt and short while Darling Dora wear a dress.

And, yes…. Izzah learned pretty fast how to drink from the tumbler.


    • eliss, kena cuba.. lama2 pandai lah..cam izzah pun mula2 tak reti.. pastu bila dia syok sedut air masuk mulut.. terus tak nak lepas… tapi bila masuk mulut meleleh lak pulak.. telan sikit, luahnya banyak… memang basah baju la jugak.. 2-3 hari lepas tu dah teror..ha..ha

  • ari tu, masa darwisy 7 bulan bagi straw kat dia.. mula2 try2 je letak kat mulut.. duk cuba2, tiba2 terus hisap sendiri.. try and error… 😛
    .-= sya´s last blog post..tentang komen… =-.

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