Dare to Resign?

Despite the tumbling down of world economy, many staff in the company have resigned. It’s kind of a domino effect.

The boss of that department resigned. Because he wants to do his own business. He also just completed his MBA. So, job-wise… his future it outside this company.

The boss had 6 sub-ordinates. 5 are locals. 1 is a Korean.

One staff tendered her resignation about the same time as the boss. Two others followed a month later. And, two more resigned recently.

Who would stay if two people are forced doing a five people’s job?

The company refused to take in new staff for replacement. Cost-cutting they said. Instead, they’re cutting other’s people head with heavy job loads.

All those who resigned are local people. A bunch of dare devils.

Their new companies could kick them out anytime during this economic crisis. You know FIFO – First In First Out?

Aren’t they afraid? Of course they don’t.

Raihan has a wealthy businessman husband. No children. Not much commitment.

Jerry and Kok Keong are young guys with high spirits. Recently married to wealthy women. No children. No worries.

Annie has a CEO husband. One children. Can get new job anytime with the help of his husband’s network.

Vivian is a daughter of a Genting’s shareholder. Drive a Volvo to work. Money is not a problem.

Now you know why they were so bold to resign. They have strong financial backups!

But, to the most of us… it’s a really a big thing to do.

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We need two incomes to support our families. To enjoy living in a mortgaged house and driving a hire-purchased car. And, to give a comfortable life to our kids.

Changing jobs in this time of uncertainty could kill us financially and emotionally.

Dare to change your job, anyone?

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  • lil mama,

    im osso thinking about resigning.
    tapi kita taksa husband atau bapak seperti yang tersebut di atasss. wakakak.

    tapi orang kata, rezeki ada di mana-mana kan.

    tapi, kat mana? 😛

    little mama::
    sama la… huwa… mmg rezeki ada di mana-mana.. tapi kena pastikan dimanakah rezeki itu berada.. baru boleh resign…kan..kan..

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