Cure for Chickenpox

I got Chickenpox like 15 years ago. It was really bad with blisters all over my body and scalp, fever, headache, loss of appetite and smelly body.

It took about 2 weeks to fully recovered. And, I never been to a doctor for Chickenpox treatment. My mom only gave me coconut water to drink. It is believed that coconut water can make all the blisters come out for faster recovery.

Anyway, we went to see a doctor when we suspected that Izzah was having Chickenpox. He said, “Let’s treat this as Chickenpox”. So, he gave us a pile of medicines!

There was a big bottle of Zorax Suspension, antibiotic, paracetamol for fever and cough syrup.


I gave Izzah 3 dose of Zorax and 1 dose of antibiotic before I stopped. Too much medicine is not good for small baby like Izzah. And, I don’t think it was really Chickenpox. Perhaps, it was just some food allergy.

So, we gave her some coconut water instead.

These are some ‘petua lama’ for treating Chickenpox that I get from the net.

  1. Minum air kelapa (bagi semua blisters keluar)
  2. Jangan kena air hujan nanti berparut
  3. Guna daun semambu untuk kipaskan kulit atau air mandian (kurangkan gatal)
  4. Mandi dengan kerap (kurangkan gatal)
  5. Lepas mandi sapu bedak sejuk
  6. Tidur alas kain batik (buka baju time tidur – kurangkan gatal sebab kain batik ni sejuk)

I tried number 1 (give coconut water), 4 (bath more frequently) and sort of number 5 (after bath, instead of bedak sejuk I used calamine lotion… moden sikit..ha..ha).

*Daun semambu tu selalunya ada kat rumah orang India. Mereka tanam pokok semambu sebab dipercayai dapat menghalau hantu. Orang Melayu pulak percaya daun semambu boleh menghilangkan gatal akibat Chickenpox.

*Dari penyelidikan saintifik, daun semambu ada ciri-ciri antibakteria. Sebab tu dapat hilangkan gatal-gatal tu.

Daun Semambu

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