Coral Red Living Room

Eventhough we moved into our little cottage some 3 months back, the house is still in a (big) mess. Unopen boxes are piled in the study room.  Furnitures are temporarily put out of place. Some small stuffs are left scattering on the floor.

Some minor works are still in progress.

Interior wall painting, for instance, in handled by my dear hubby himself. So, he took his own sweet time to do it.

We bought Nippon Odorless paints for our interior, so there is no worry of this pregnant lady falling sick due to the strong smell of freshly painted wall.


p/s Mind all the mess, the out-of-place tv cabinet, glass display and my blue birth ball. Our interior designer @ my hubby is suffering from a back-ache after painting the living room Coral Red!


  • assalamualaikum, kak
    sory, tumpang tanya. akak tinggal kat mana ya?
    jika tak silap, pagi tadi sy ternampak akak kat area rumah sy, tapi tak sure.
    saya pernah jumpa akak masa MSK gathering hari tu.
    hmmm, kalau bukan, pelanduk dua serupa kot :))

    • suria, duk area meru…oh nampak me? kat mana tu ye..he..he

      me pagi keluar pukul 7, terus antar izzah nusery.. pastu terus memecut ke office… orang lain tu kot..ha..ha

      • oh ya, baru teringat. akak pernah ckp hari tu.
        hehe..comfirm tu orang lain.. tapi betul la, muka dia sebijik macam akak, nasib baik sy tak jadi peramah sgt pegi tegur pagi semalam.. 😀

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