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Wooot! I’m a proud mommy…ha..ha..ha

Nahh… my child has not become a Picasso yet *in future maybe*. But, her early artworks have been showcased at Conteng-Conteng gallery for all to see.

And, the best thing is…. she has been awarded as the Best Contributor so far at!!

conten conteng best contributor

Bravo my little girl!! You deserve it after all the ‘encouragements’ from mama.. horeh!

You see.. I always love drawing and painting. But, the little hobby of mine didn’t get any approval or encouragement from my parents.

Not their fault anyway. It was just the typical mind-set of ‘kampung’ parents in early 80’s. Both my parents didn’t go to school. Yup, they’re not formally educated.

They can read and write because they learned by themselves. So, early childhood education or parenting knowledge were not something they know about.

But you *as today’s parents* should not give lame excuses for not encouraging your kids to develop their art skills. It’s good for your child brain development and it’s so easy to do.

We have the Internet okeh. Anything that you need to know can be Googled away at a click of a button.

Just invest a minimum 20 minutes doing activities together with your kids on weekends on public holidays. No matter what the activities are *painting, baking, gardening, solving puzzle*… I’m sure your kids will remember the magic moments when they gets older.

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