Comment with Love!

Have you ever commented on a blog and get love in return? Probably….. never, right?

Well, I’m rewarding anyone who leave comment(s) on this blog with lots of LOVE!Β  Β No… I’m not gonna hug or kiss you…he..he

I just installed a wordpress plugin called CommentLuv. You can see the plugin in action under the comment form.


This is how it works. CommentLuv creates a two link opportunity (2 on 1). It requires that the blogger who is leaving a comment must have a blog with an RSS feed enabled. Comment Luv will then place a permalink at the end of your comment.

So the comment will end looking something like this.


Meaning, if you leave a comment, you’ll be rewarded with 2 links back to your blog, with love!

Let’s spread the Luv, shall we?

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  • errkkk!!! blur…

    tp, i dulu pun ada gak install commentluv nie, masa haloscan buat hal… then sbbkan jskit, buat blog i jd kacau bilau… so i delete semua, & pakai blogger commenting system..

    tenang hidup gue!!!
    [rq=7064,0,blog][/rq]-U WON’T FIND US…-

    • mama emma, memang risky kalau instal third party application ni..tiba2 je script dia boleh mengharu-birukan blog kita…he..he

  • aiyoo hehehe ape kebendanya tu hehee aritu i main tekan jek sejak error sending msg kat momblogger tuh so ape2 yg kat bawah tu i clik jek…

    yeahh lets sprate the luv…dia mcm create a link dlm blogspot ek…

    jup lagi satu kite nak tanya pasal slr camera la…i nak beli tapi tak tau yg mana sesuai dgn i…buleh request suggestion n info tak?

  • bitt, commentluv ni cuma a kind of reward pada commenters.. kan selalu kalau komen kita boleh letal blog address kita yg nanti appear “comment by: bitt on …”

    comment luv ni tambah lagi satu link to your blog yg tulis “bitt last blog post ….”

    so ada 2 link back to your blog… satu ke blog address, satu ke latest blog post

    pasal dslr.. depend on your budget la.. yg paling bagus Nikon la..kalau baru start Nikon D40 kira sesuai sebab kecik sikit berbanding dslr lain.. harga tak pasti pulak..

    • oooo paham2…
      owh nikon ek..k nanti i tengok spec dia..pastu ishhh lari topic ni tak pe ke…hehehe u share la enrty pasal dlsr ni senang skit nak tanya..hehe(padahal malas nak google sebab internet memanjang tak de signal) or ade link mana2 forum pasal dlsr ke… πŸ˜€
      [rq=11296,0,blog][/rq]=AWAY MESSAGE=

  • Hi Mama Emma!

    Came from Emila’s blog… Lovely header πŸ™‚

    Have a lovely week ahead.
    [rq=51817,0,blog][/rq]My Date

  • Ooops.. oops… typo.. silap! Sori.. terpanggil Mama Emma la pulak. Sori ya *malunya*

    Hai Little Mama!! Little Mama πŸ˜€
    [rq=51823,0,blog][/rq]My Date

  • Nice plugin! Did you try keywordluv as well?
    .-= lelikΒ΄s last blog post..Pregnancy Weeks 13-16, Month #4 (Pregnancy Health Guru) =-.

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