Cloth Pad – For a Healthier You

Excuse me? You’re using cloth pad? In such a modern time? Urghh.. yuck!

Yeah… yeah..

It sounds disgusting and need of job to wash. And, almost unpractical.

After all, you are used to using disposable menstrual pads – you like the convenience – so why suddenly revert back to the old time?

Well, the answer is same as using cloth diaper for your babies!

  • Cloth menstrual pad is CHEMICAL FREE. It is for the healthier you. As we know, to make disposable pads they need lots of chemicals to make them super absorbent, super white and trim.
  • Your genital tissue is highly sensitive, and these chemicals are easily absorbed into your body, causing irritation and discomfort in the process. We already live in increasingly polluted environments, so it makes sense to reduce your exposure to chemicals in any way you can.
  • It is more comfortable and soft to your skin and your body and to our environment! Cloth pads that are made of Bamboo fabric can absorb 60% more than cotton and it is naturally antibacterial, so it`s more hygienic and more healthy for your skin.
  • You will save money – investing in good quality cloth pads will cost you only a small percentage of what disposables are costing you now. 

What about the blood stain? Isn’t it disgusting? That’s up to you if you feel your own blood is disgusting. Some cloth pads used difficult to stain cloth to keep your pad looking fresh even after years of use.

And, washing cloth pad is easy. Just wash them during a shower and soak in cold water (from as little as 2 minutes to 24 hours).

Oh yes. After more than 20 years of using disposable pads, I’m 100% using cloth now. I just started last month.

And, I never feel much better and happier. Actually, I was feeling really good (might be due to the super soft flush velour in contact with my skin).

No more terrible odor. No more itchy rashes. No more feeling hot & uncomfortable. Definitely, a happier period!

A soft fluffy cloth in contact with my sensitive area is absolutely feel good great compared to the irritating plastic of disposables.

By the way, have you ever think why there are so many infertile women nowadays? Me, for example, was having no luck in conceiving a baby (naturally) after 3 years of marriage. I need to get help at LPPKN and finally got pregnant to the now 4 months old little princess.

That was also after 7 months of trying using various procedures and consuming various fertility drugs. Yes, it was really hard!

For those who easily got pregnant, please be grateful of the blessing of motherhood. There are thousands of infertile women getting help at LPPKN nowadays. Perhaps, years long of using chemical laden menstrual pads is the major cause of this?

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  • where can i buy Cloth menstrual pad?

    regarding my question about book last time right, did ur little izzah listen what u read for her properly? did u allow her touch the book?

    i’m worried, coz adam currently pantang nampak buku or majalah habis dikoyaknyeee…

    little mama:
    i bought my cloth pads from online stores.. kedai yg sama yg jual cloth diaper.. ada dalam list kat top navigation bar (CD STores).. for example MiaBambina, Babyz&Mom dan yg terbaru

    yes, baby izzah memang give attention to what I read to her.. tapi bukan semata2 bacakan dia.. kena tunjuk the words dengan jari.. mata dia memang akan follow.. sometimes dia macam cuba pronounce juga, tapi the sound yg keluar cuma baby words la…aaa…ooo…eee…agoogo..mama (yes, dia dah boleh sebut mama..yeay!)

    and, yes I bagi je dia pegang buku tu.. so far belum tunjuk skill nak koyakkan buku lagi..he..he..

    i think u need to find special baby books yg dibuat dari kertas keras yg dilaminate.. tak de kena koyak.

  • Hey, thanks for giving my old product photos another day in the sun 🙂

    Glad you like cloth pads too – they are so much more comfy than disposable ones

  • braper kos utk pad nih? currently beli dr mana?mcm berminat plak…

    little mama:
    pad ni agak mahal gak harganya.. depends on size (small liner, medium flow, heavy flow, postpartum) dan material..
    range dari RM25-RM70 per piece (yes mahal tapi tahan lama, bertahun-tahun)

    i dulu beli kat (sekarang dah jadi Malaysian website ye.

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