Cesarean Birth 4

During the bumpy ride home, I could feel pain at the incision area each time my hubby drove through uneven patches on the road. It was painful, really. But, I just ignored those feelings.

You see, with no painkiller taken, the wound was getting quite painful.

These are what I felt and went through after the operation,

  • Getting up from bed was the toughest thing to do after Cesarean. I needed to turn my body to the right (mengiring) and used my right hand to support me to get up. This did not eliminate the pain, just making it more bearable.
  • Passing urine was quite uncomfortable due to the catherer insertion. I felt as if the catherer was still there.
  • Passing stool was taking a long time because I can felt my stomach expanding with gases every time I pushed it out. It was a actually a bit painful. I need to do it slowly and use the breathing techniques that I learnt from the HypnoBirthing classes.
  • The uterus also contracted to it it’s pre-pregnancy shape and I can felt that too. Everytime it contracted, I would have some old blood (brownish red) discharge. I have the post-natal discharge (darah nifas) for 30 days.
  • To make the wound heal faster (especially the internal wound), I ate Ikan Haruan (Black Fish) for lunch and dinner. And, drank pure sea cucumber water (air gamat asli) with each meal.
  • I also hired a traditional Malay bidan to massage my body for three consecutive days. The massage helped to tone up my body, eliminated water retention and cured headache and backache.
  • During the first two weeks post-operation, I only refresh myself by sponging my whole body, except for the incision area. I tried not to get the incision area wet. If it was wet, I used some facial tissue to dry it up.

The wound has completely dried and healed by the third week post-operation. So, I bathe/shower as usual. And, I also started to bind my stomach using the Firming Herbal Blend and Abdominal Binder (Bengkung) from Amyway Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set.

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  • i gave birth via c-sec too. isn’t the after pain just horrible?! it took 2 nurses and my hubby to help me get out of bed the first time. I felt like all my insides were going to fall out!

    little mama:
    i agree.. it was so very painful.. only those who went through c-sec know how it feel… hu..hu

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