Cesarean Birth 3

On second day, the staff nurse asked whether I still wanted the morphine. She noticed that I showed no sign of pain eventhough they didn’t injected the morphine after 4 hours has lapsed.

I said, no need as I don’t want to fall asleep unnecessarily.

You see, they have put my baby in a trolley bassinet beside my bed. So, I don’t want to miss the chance of getting to know my precious bundle of joy that I has been carrying in my tummy for 8 months!

It was hard for me to quickly get up to attend to my baby’s need. However, I put all the fear and pain aside and actually managed to take my baby out of her bassinet, cuddled and talked to her as well as trying to breastfeed her. I even changed her diapers on my bed!

I ignored all the pains and actively moving (sitting-up, walking, etc) without assistance because I want to go back home as fast as possible.

You see, if you show that you’re weak and can’t bear the pain, the doctor will not discharge you so easily.

I didn’t want to stay too long in the hospital. Why? Because I have enough of the three days filled with nurses’ shift changes.  The noises from their discussions as well as noises from various type of machines were so disturbing.

I wanted to be home and have peace. And, I got what I wanted.

Note: I gave birth in a government hospital and stayed in a 6-beds room, so there was not much privacy and peace.

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