Cesarean Birth 1

Note: This a my real life story of having a Cesarean birth. It’s a rather long story, so I’ll post it bits by bits. Hope it will give an insight on how it is done and how does it feel during & after the operation.

 I gave a birth to my first baby through Cesarean section on 31st March 2008 at Hospital Sungai Buloh.

Due to low level of hemoglobin (red blood cell counts) and Placenta Previa Major Stage II (uri di bawah), I was scheduled to be warded after my 34th week of pregnancy. This is critical for monitoring me and my baby as I could have a premature labor or a major bleeding.

However, my water broke with traces of meconium a day before I was scheduled to be warded for the bed rest.

Further checking showed that my water bag ruptured on the left side with my baby lying in transverse position (melintang). Due to the heavy leaking of amniotic fluid and me having the Placenta Previa Major, an emergency cesarean section was scheduled within 10 hours after been admitted into Hospital Sungai Buloh emergency room.

I was given general anasthesia instead of epidural or spinal anasthesia due to the placenta previa major which may cause me a major bleeding (tumpah darah). 3 pints of blood were already reserved for my operation.

A nurse put me on a catherer so that I didn’t have to get up to pass urine. She also shaved some of my bikini line hairs. I was hooked on an IV drip and was changed to an operation room’s white gown.

I remember the operation room have lights that were so bright. And, it was extremely cold! My whole body was shaken violently due to the cold air-conditioned room.

There were so many people in the operation room (nurses and three specialist doctors). And, all of them were focusing on me laying on the operation table.

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