Campak? Measles?

We thought Izzah was already fine on Saturday. The fever has gone since last Thursday.

But on Friday, we noticed some rashes behind her ears and on her face. Heat rashes? I tried to comfort myself. But, my heart kept on saying that it could be measles.

Tak kan kena campak kot. Kan baru last month ambik vaksin campak (MMR – measles, mumps and rubella). Vaksin chicken pox belum ambik lagik…Ish.. muka dah berbintat ni….

Β Red Rashes

On Saturday, the red rashes were getting worst. It spreaded all over her body and legs. As well as on her feet.

Mama, campak dengan chicken pox tu tak sama kan? Chicken pox besar2 berair. Campak lak camana? Ada air gak ke?

Hubby kept on asking me. Honestly, I didn’t know the answer. I only know how Chicken Pox looks like because I had it when I was 13 years old. But, measles?

So, we hurried to the panel clinic. The doctor said it could be measles or some kind of viral rashes. She advised to go see a specialist to get her blood checked.

AtΒ SMC, Izzah cried and struggled like crazy when the nurse tried to get some blood from her finger. It took two nurses to get a tiny vial of blood from that powerful baby. Fuh!


Izzah Sleeping

The blood test result – not dengue, not measles, just rashes. The doctor gave some antibiotic because her white blood count increased a bit. Other than that, she is fine.

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  • sama macam Ziyyad,demam panas tinggi…3 hari lepas tu timbul bintik bintik,the paed said,ini biasa lepas demam tu,no need to worry,Viral rash je rupenye

    so no need to worry mama Izzah..kitaorang lumuq ZIyyad dengan Calamine lotion and also bedak sejuk,pasal rash tu buat dia susah tido dan menangis-nanges bila berpeluh

    p/s::mul2 cuak gak la kan,ingat denggi ke apa ke..ALhamdulillah tade apa2..3 kali kami pi paed :)just to make sure

  • cuak jugak tau masa mula2 bintik2 tu naik.. muka jadi bengkak je.. risau la.. nantikan tak comei anak dara ni nanti.. nasib baik ari ni suma dah clear..

  • Hi Littlemama..slalu jugak baca blog u..but never left comment..anyway, my baby got the same symptoms last month..the fever was on and off..and few days later all the rashes came out..did the blood test (sure u cuak mcm i kan while waiting for the result?)..hehe..and yes, kinda hard to get blood sample from a wiggling baby.. luckily it was not dengue or measles…just viral fever like what Izzah had recently…

    *will add u as my blog reader later k? πŸ™‚

  • thnx sbb singgah kat blog nik.

    mmg risau ler kalau anak demam.

    Hari tu Tasneem demam 2 hari. tapi 2nd day dah ok. risau plak dah baca ur blog psl demam campak nieh… πŸ™

  • hmm…it’s Roseola perhaps ( u can read about it in net..) it’s a viral rashes…usually it will appears after fever subsided…n accompany by mild runny’s like’s not dangerous but only watch out for high grade fever because it may cause febrile fit…my daughter had this Roseola thing twice..:)

  • thanks mommy aryssa for the info… nanti nak search pasal roseala.. nama rash ni pesal best cam nama pompuan…he..he

  • salam….
    ank sy demam da 2 ari…smlm sy prasan bdn dia kuar bintik2
    merah…td dia asyik garu2 bdn dia… baby sy 2 baru umur 2 thn…
    sy x thu la nk buat cm mane… ptg nanti bru nk bwk g klinik..
    sedih plk tgk baby sy 2..serba x kena jdnye.. siang ok, tp kul2-3 pg
    bdn dia mesti panas giler.. risaunye sy..

  • mama faris.. i know what u feel.. mmg tak tenang kalau baby sakit ni.. cepat2 bawa jumpa doktor ye.. kalau ruam panas sebab demam tak perlu risau sangat.. hopefully bukan bintik sebab lain ye.

  • saya sedang mengalami anak demam campak…sy gi jumpa dokt.dia kata campak tp mild cuma sy takutla kalau2 denggi mmg dr. kata bukan..
    tp bila sy baca kt internet sintom2 denggi pn bih kurang sama her dgn campk…ada ruam boleh x puan jelaskan kit biar tenang ht sy…terima kasih atas info dan foto ye….

  • salam mama izzah.. (anak sy pon nama izzah jgk..hehehe)

    anak saya kena demam campak.. mula2 demam teruk pas 2 3 hari kuar bintik2 merah tp dmm nye dah elok…yg pelik nye, bintik2 tu naik kat bdn sblh depan jek (perut n dada) dan muka jek.. blakang badan ngn kaki xde plak.. sy bg minum air kelapa, naik la skit2 jek kt blakang tuh.. dh bwk jumpe doktor, dia kata mmg campak dan bkn kena denggi.. risau jgk laa…kesian tgk dia, meragam jek.. anak sy tu br nk msk 6, dr bg ubat tahan gatal dan calamine lotion untuk sapu..
    nak tanya la, biasanya dmm campak tuh brape lama nk baik nye ye??

  • selalunyer apa tindakan yg perlu di ambil bila baby kena campak nie?
    plss reply sapa2 yg tau/..

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