Bath Time!

My mom called last night and told that she was coming by bus to KL today. And, she will come over to my house on Saturday.

According to my mom, my brother who works in Sudan will come back to Malaysia today. And, he and his family will come over to my house to see the lil’ baby on Sunday!

Since my mother-in-law has gone back home yesterday, my hubby bathe the baby. Guess what? Lil’ Izzah didn’t even cry when my hubby bathed her and dressed her up. Oh wow!

It must be the father to daughter bonding thing. And, the technique that my hubby used – talk to the baby while bathing and covered her with a towel while massaging and putting a dress on her.

Baby Izzah cried out loud while been bathed both by my mother and mother-in-law. Perhaps their techniques were not suitable for my baby?

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