Baby Tight vs Huggalug

Isn’t a baby tight the same as a huggalug? No, it is not.

Baby tight’s leggings are sewn together and only can be worn on legs. While, huggalug can be worn on both legs and arms.

The picture below is a huggalug (red & orange stripes) and a tight (pink). See the different?

The little princess is happy wearing a huggalug.. he..he..he

Izzah waering a huggalug

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  • i pun suka huggalug, coz my baby kan boy, cant wear baby tight hehehehehe. Lagipun my baby can wear bodysuit, then if going tempat yg ada aircond i pakaikan jer huggalug tuh then bila move outdoor, i bukak jer huggalug tuh. urs beli kat mana ek?

    little mama:
    betul..betul..betul (sebut cam cerita upin & ipin).. mine beli online kat

  • eh eh.. komen i x lekat??

    isk… anyway.. i bought babyleg (china’s) huggalug dr mana ek??

    cute tul izzah pakai baby tight… sexy.. he he

    little mama:
    sexy? mua ha ha… huggalug i bought from masa sales..

  • salam,

    thanks for sharing the info. Now I know the difference. One day, I’ll let you know when I purchased it. Hey, it looks so nice on Izza’ comey the colors of her huggalugs 😀

    little mama:
    not problem.. i mmg suka sangat huggalug ni..

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