Babah & Mama’s Nightmare

Last night was a nightmare.

My baby was sucking on and off for three hours since 9 o’clock. Each time I took her off the breast, she cried.

When I latched her on again, she appears to suck very well for about a minute and then fell asleep.

Oh my God. Was she still hungry? And, do I have enough milk?

I’m pretty sure I have a lot of milk supply because she is passing a lot of that bright yellow breastfeeding stools.

Qucikly I flipped through the Asian Parenting Today book. Aha! Turned out that she was snacking. And, also was using me a pacifier!

This must be stopped.

I believed my baby learnt about this when my mother-in-law insisted that I feed my baby when she was crying and kicking while been dressed after a bath yesterday.

Actually, I already breastfeeded her before the bath. She was not hungry but impatient because my mother-in-law was taking her own sweet time to dress (“demah”, put Yuyee oil, binds, put a diaper on, put some lotion & powder and swaddle) her.

My baby was feeling cold, tired and restless!

Since she persistently insisted me to breastfeed first eventhough my baby was not properly dressed up, I took my baby. That’s the beginning of her snacking episode and using me as a pacifier.

You see, my baby is a very intelligent baby. She learnt very fast that crying means she will get my breast instantly. Oh dear!

And, while my hubby was changing her diaper last night, she cried like crazy. He was struggling to put on the diaper while my baby was kicking and crying. Impatiently, he asked me to breastfeed her first.

But, I insisted him to finish dressing my baby and hold her to calm her down. Just because she was crying her lung out, that doesn’t means she is hungry.

If feeding occurs within less than two hours, chances are baby is snacking and using me as comfort.

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Furthermore, my breast was becoming really sore due to breasfeeding her on and off for that three hours in a row.

I asked my hubby to try comforting her by other means. Don’t just take the easy way out and use me as a pacifier.

True enough, my baby fell asleep after my husband cuddled and sang her a lullaby!

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