Attacked by a Big Barney

Help!! Izzah has being attacked by a monster Barney…ha..ha

Actually, it was not Barney that attacked Izzah… it’s the other way around… poor big Barney…


The only one place that Izzah love to go whenever we are out in shopping mall is the toys section. She will become so excited with all the soft toys neatly arranged over there.


I just let her play as many toys as she like. Because there’s no way I’m buying all that for her. There are already so many toys at home yea (mama kedekut…muahh ha..ha).

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  • my kids pun mmg suka sgt dgn Barney waktu diorang besar2 Izzah..habis semua benda nak Barney..pinggan, toys, cadar katil, towel, baju jgn cakap hari2 dok tgk vcd Barney sampai mak dia pun boleh hafal lagu2 Barney tu! Tapi beli sekali je.. anak yg 2nd and 3rd pusing main balik yg sama je..hehe lagi satu contoh kedekut!
    .-= Real Woman´s last blog post..Err…Lambang ‘tu’ ke?? =-.

  • Alahai comelnya…
    Kalau nak cheap toys,come view my sale blog…:)
    .-= reen´s last blog post.. =-.

  • kesian barney kena attack by another bigger monster…

    miya camtu kalau jumpa elmo. last time we went shopping, dia jumpa elmo besar sama dgn dia. the she wont let go. papa dia cair, terus belikan. mujo tgh ada sale from $17 down to $4. so beli aje la..

    so now 2 best friend dia kat rumah is elmo & lilia. sleep with them, eat with them, nak kluar jogging dgn papa & mama pun kena bwk jugak both of them is stoller.
    .-= mamamiya´s last blog post..What Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding =-.

  • ala, kalau darwisy pun, saya tak beli…
    sebab, dia suka masa tu je.. bila dah kat rumah dia tak dah tak heran.. huhu…
    .-= sya´s last blog post..ketenangan =-.

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