Announcing: Our Lil’ Bundle of Joy!

Seems that our lil’ bundle of joy has decided that 34 weeks were enough to be in my tummy. She didn’t want to wait any longer and was born through emergency c-section on Monday, 31st March 2008 at 9.21 am!

I’m so very happy to announce the arrival of our little princess, Izzah Nabihah!

Alhamdulillah, she is a very strong, active and healthy premature baby.

You see, I was scheduled to be warded for the rest of the pregnancy on 31st March 2008. But, Izzah decided not to let mama alone in the hospital ward.

My water broke on Sunday, 30th March with some trace of meconium (greenish water). So, we rushed to Hospital Sungai Buloh and I was immediately warded in the emergency area.

I’ll talk more about my birth story soon!!!!

p/s: Baby Izzah’s picture to be uploaded soon too.

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