Adik Coming Soon?

I missed my period for several weeks now. And, I’m having flu and headaches. Also feeling nauseous.

Ohh ooo… is that the signs that the little princess is having an ‘adik’?

Is that possible without me having fertility treatments? Hmmm.. probably not.

You see, we were married for 3 years plus and had no luck in conceiving a baby until I took a fertility treatment. And, only after the second IUI, I was pregnant and gave birth to little Izzah.

So, when the nurse at Klinik Kesihatan asked me whether I want to take contraceptive pills for family planning (pil perancang) or not. I just say, no. It would be quite impossible for me to get pregnant naturally. I mean without the fertility treatment…. it would be a miracle, right?

My husband is worried, though.

You see, I gave birth through Cesarean, so is it ok to become pregnant again too soon (less than a year)? Furthermore, according to hubby, little Izzah is still small for an ‘adik”… he..he..he

But then, if God want to give me the gift of another baby in this easy way.. we will be so happy to accept!

We haven’t see a gynae yet. I want to wait for another month. I told hubby that perhaps this is due to my post-natal hormones imbalances.

But, as a precaution, I already take the essential Folic Acid, Vitamin B and Iron.

So, what do you think. Is an ‘adik’ coming soon?

p/s Actually I already took a test at home. And, it’s a ………. Sorry, I’m keeping it to myself for the time-being. Let’s wait after Raya Haji and see what the gynae has to say… ha..ha..ha

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