5th Month Vaccine & Infant Massage

We went to see baby Izzah’s paed, Dr Ling at Selangor Medical Center yesterday. The little princess is already 4 months and 1 week old, so she was given her 3rd dose of DTP, HIB and Oral Polio jab.

Did she cry? Oh yes. But, only for a few seconds – when the needle was inserted into the flesh on her thigh. After that, she smiled like an angel.

While waiting for my hubby to pay the bill, I went to the waiting lounge. And, I learnt a new skill – infant massaging!

There was a booth organised by Johnson & Johnson demonstrating how to massage a baby. Two baby mannequins were used for demonstration.

The nurse showed step by step how to spend 20 minutes of loving time massaging my baby.

At first, I did the massage to baby Izzah on the spot. But, she was getting a bit cranky as she was so sleepy.

So, I handed her over to my hubby while I did some practises on the dummy baby. It was actually very easy to do.

Back at home I tried my newly acquired skill after baby Izzah’s afternoon warm bath.

And, she really love the massage especially the I Love You massage on her tummy!

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  • mind if u share d skill???

    kalau ada vid lg best… tq…

    little mama:
    i mama budak baru belajar.. he..he.. nanti kalo ada masa I blog about my new skill ya..

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